Does it sound French to you? then you might like to know about the origin of “WORLD MUSIC DAY” which is a worldwide phenomenon as 120 countries across the world rejoice the day in their own way.

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The day otherwise called Fete de la Musique was a music celebration started in France in 1982. French Minister of Culture Jack Lang imagined the thought in 1981. From that point forward the day has been praised each year as the World Music Day.

As indicated by another theory, American performer Joel Cohen in France, in 1976, proposed an all-night music festivity to stamp the start of the summer solstice and from that point forward the whole world observes World Music Day on June 21.

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On this day, artists perform for free in parks, exhibition halls, prepare stations, mansions and so on. This helps in making a wide range of music open to the general public. It gives a chance to collect and offers an extraordinary bond through music.

It will be very interesting to know how India plans its WORLD MUSIC DAY and it’s also INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY. It will be correct to state, Mind and Body relaxation in one day.

This musical festival is being celebrated in India as well with various popular attractions like the Institut Francais India, The Irish Pub, Sofitel Mumbai, High Street Pheonix and other popular restaurants and pubs organizing special concerts and events to bring music closer to people.

The Irish House Mumbai has some class plans

And one with the mix of Indian meets western

Delhi has options of celebrating Yoga and Music

A Sing along for folks at Kolkata

Time to connect

It’s not the end, in addition to this event many radio and music companies had their own ways and style to promote in the form of contest or by inviting Singers to host for a day.World Music Day is an initiative of motivating people to bring out the musical side and promote music.


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