Motivation is a combination of thoughts, feelings or condition that causes one to act, a step towards happiness and success. It means to be inspired to do something. It is present in every function of life. Basically motivation gives reason to complete a specific action. It gives enthusiasm to do the task with full energy. I know some of you would have read about this in a textbook but that was just to gain marks and now here I am to let you know the real importance of motivation in our life.

In every stage of life or in every action we need to get motivated to perform. Like if a person feels he want to get a car then we say that he is motivated towards the car. For hunger, thirst, studies, etc., we all need to get motivated. Sometimes people get too depressed and give up in their lives but if someone motivates them then they surely stand up and get motivated to face the world and live their life once again.

I have a true instance of this situation. I have a friend who was too depressed at a time and was ready to commit suicide. She was failing at every situation in life because she was too much underestimated by everyone due to which she lost her confidence and did not want to fight more. But in life we all have to fight in different situations, we need to go through it. Then I met her and asked everyone to motivate her around her. And guess what this worked. Continuous support and motivation helped her to gain her lost confidence and motivation to live life. And now she is much happier than earlier.

So I learned from her that motivation is really a step towards happiness. If you are motivated, you get confidence, and if you get confidence, you can get through the toughest time of your life. Further going through the toughest time makes you stronger.

SUCCESS! Today we all are running behind success and are forgetting our main motive. We keep on working for hours, we forget everyone but just keep sitting in front of our laptops working and on not achieving success, we get depressed and irritated which is the result of lack of motivation. We start lashing out on our dear ones but do not try to find the reason behind our anger. So to get successful we all need motivation at some level. It does not matter how confident you are or how much strong will power you have,   but at some point in life we all need motivation and I have experienced this.

Now I will give you the tips to get motivated even in the negative situation:

  1. Set the goals

To remain motivated set the goals of your task before hand. In a task always set short-term goals so that you can achieve step by step and do not lose hope. This will help you to achieve easily and you will be able to achieve your goal at your topmost capability.

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  1. Reward yourself

Whenever you achieve something, yo should always reward yourself. Give yourself a treat and this will further motivate you more to do the task or live your life with more enthusiasm.



  1. Give some time to yourself

Whenever you feel exhausted and not able to do anything due to lack of motivation or stress you should give yourself some time. You can hang out with your friends, listen to songs, play your favorite sports, dance or do whatever relaxes you. Once you get relaxed and feel motivated to do work get back to it and start from the beginning.

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4 .Do something at which you are good-Step towards Success

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If you feel lost at something and start losing your confidence then you should always do something at which you are good. This will for sure boost your confidence and motivate you to do the task more enthusiastically.


  1. Do not burden yourself

If you are not that confident person then you should not burden up yourself. Some people perform better under pressure but some loose themselves. So it is better to find out what is best for you and only implement the things on yourself after knowing your strengths.

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6. Stop making excuse

Usually what happens is we often make excuses to complete a task and leave it for another day or time which further create burden and pressure on us to complete the task.And sometimes in pressure, we lose our hope and confidence.So it’s always better to complete a task on time to avoid hassle in the last.This keeps you motivated and you feel better when you complete your task on time and better when before time.

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We only get one life people. Please try to live it to the fullest. Enjoy every moment of your precious life and always feel motivated. Try to find out positive points even in negative situations.

I hope this will surely help you guys to be positive, happy, get success and feel motivated in your life.



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