Our social lives are surrounded by strangers. We regularly meet one. And when we do, the awkward situation arrives where we have absolutely no clue how to kick-start a conversation. that’s really sad. The difficulty arises because we are too shy or conscious to speak out. We feel insecure regarding how the person would react if we approach, and that’s what creates the perplexing silence.

So, Yellow wall is here with 5 essential tricks to start a conversation with just anyone you meet. All we need is your attention and your willingness to break the silence. So, to know how to do that, stay tuned to the article.


Most of the times, we aren’t confident enough to approach another person in the same room. We might want to greet the person or start the conversation, but somewhere words get stuck. However we try, they aren’t willing to come out of our super shy throat, mainly because we feel conscious.

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Next time, when you meet someone, just relax the conscious being inside you and start the conversation with a simple ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ or ‘Hey’, accompanied with a charming and warm smile. What would happen? To the worst, they won’t talk. Well, they weren’t doing that then, either. And remember that your confidence and a beautiful smile can work wonders. Actually the first word floodgates.


As a matter of fact, most of the times. it’s the small talk that ruins the charm.                                                                                             conversations like:


How are you?-I am fine

Whatsup?- Nothing much

You say what’s new?……

You have ruined your 45 seconds already. And undoubtedly creates the awkward silence that you don’t wish to witness. So, just skip this small talk and ask a really personal question. Don’t need to be afraid. They won’t kill you. Rather you would be surprised to know how much people are willing to share if you just show the eagerness to know.

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So, after a simple ‘Hi’, proceed with questions like “That’s an interesting name? Is there any story behind your parents keeping it? OR maybe “How long have you been living here? Any memory about your first day in the city?” Trust me, such questions would always fetch you unique answers that are really personal, and those, which you would love to hear.

If you have issues asking these then just switch on to the simplest question “Where do you come from and where does your family stay?” The best way to know a person is to ask them about their hobbies– something really unique or maybe funny every time.


Never bother someone with negative statements. Nothing kills a conversation more than something negative. Rather try to find ‘me toos’. i.e. when you meet someone for the first time make an effort to find that one thing that might be common for you two.

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When you start your chat at that point and take it outwards you would realize how the conversation has become magically easy and it gets going to several ‘me toos’ and might end up to some very different topic.


After your first meeting with a stranger, they might forget, you and what you said, but they would surely remember how you made them feel. So, make sure that you the person feel special; and the easiest way to do so is by giving a compliment- not a common one, but a special and a genuine one.

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for example: If you compliment a supermodel that she is very beautiful, then she might have no reaction to that. it’s not her fault, she should have heard that for a thousand times for many people. So, that’s nothing special for her, but if you say to her that ” you have a beautiful smile. Not only your smile but when you do, your eyes, cheeks, nose and even forehead accompany you! That’s what might sound really special.


Sounds interesting, right? well, it is. And even the easiest way to remember something about a stranger. It’s so very important to remember a person’s name and even small details about them. It’s terrible to forget that easily and keep on asking repetitively. When you ask someone his or her name, repeat that, this makes the person feel really special. Also, try to remember what they like to do, their favorites, the place they come from, the places they like to go to, etc. trust me it’s very important.

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Thus, these were the 7 ways to break the ice with a stranger. And I would like to end with some reasons to do so.

A conversation is like reading a book. You can turn to any page you want. You can flip to your favorite chapter. You can read as long as you want, and you can read what you want, and every person, trust me, is a really good book. the fact is that entire human lives are being boiled down to just 140 characters and catchy headlines. But that’s not what we are. We are not abridged versions. We are entire human stories. We deserve more from each other. “- Malavika Varadan.

So, next time you meet a stranger just talk and form a metal link that can create magic in future.




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