Gone are the days when you owed a best friend. To be true, isn’t it too much to expect all the qualities from one person? Why not make few special friends who are better than sole dependence on one? Here are 5 such best friends you need in your life.

The Adventurous Companion

You belong to part of the global society, a world which is changing continuously. Yet you live in a shell struggling with your routine work. At this juncture, you need an adventurous friend, who is the fearless experimentative guy. One who can drag you out of the monotonous lifestyle and expose you to new cultures, cuisines, and people.

The Honest Reviewer

You have worn the worst t-shirt possible and yet you have friends calling it a fashion statement. Come on dude, you need to find that brutally honest confidant who says it on your face. One who does not manipulate his opinion for you. One who distinctly prefers saying the truth and mirrors a valid opinion for you.


The Work-Out Buddy

Believe it or not but being friends with a fitness freak can reap many benefits to you. This implies that if you have a gym partner, he can motivate you to go for the kill. Likewise, he will keep a tab on moderating your diet and keep you away from being too complacent towards your health.

Source : http://yourfitness.guru

 The Contrast Personality

Contradiction leads to a flow of new ideas. Because you no longer think in a uni-directional manner. In fact, you get to see things from the other perspective. Staying with like-minded people may not help always as you distance yourself from the larger section of the world. Instead, try befriending a person who has opposing views and a different outlook than yours.

The Jolly Good Person

With so much negativity around, this friend comes a breath of fresh air to you. While he/she need not crack jokes every time you feel low. But it requires them to infuse some positive energy to you for neutralizing the bad thoughts. Out of all, friends like these are special because they aren’t found everywhere.

If you have some of them, Great! And if not, get going rather than waiting for friendship’s day.


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