It is often said that kisses are the easiest way to display affection, especially when it comes to someone you really like or love. But for many, it’s not always an easy medium to express affection or love. It can be quite precarious, to get a guy to kiss you.

You might be in the heat of the moment, really eager to kiss but a hint of awkwardness is stopping you. It might even seem that making the first move can make you look too easy to get. You aren’t really sure how to proceed. You really wish the guy to make the move.

But on the other hand, the guy might be waiting for a sign fro you before he leans for a wonderful kiss and as a matter of fact getting a guy to kiss you can be really tricky.

But worry not, stay tuned to his article to know the most charming and seductive tricks, to get your guy kiss you:

1.Go Close In For The Kill-

Well, to create a beautiful moment of bliss, its important that you draw in closer to him, to initiate the kill. You can just act to slip on your foothold and fall close to him or sit quite close to him and act like “Its pretty cold”. You need to make him understand that you don’t mind the little space between you both. So, just take a step closer to his comfort zone, ignite the spark and you can get a guy to kiss you.

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2. Stare Him Down-

Well, your eyes can speak your heart out if you make them do so. When he is speaking to you, just make sure that you stare into his eyes deeply. Don’t nod your head often.just listen calmly and respond through your eyes. It’s important to build a connection and remove the uncertainty from the air. Remember to give him time to look back into your eyes eager to feel the touch.

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And while you stare into his endearing eyes, look at his lips for a second or two and then again stare into the eyes. This would pass the signal that you’re ready for the kiss and definitely some puckering!

3. Be Flirtatious With Your Fingers-

Most guys feel immensely perplexed to kiss a girl before knowing if she is ready or not. So, you need to actively transmit signals regarding your soulful intentions. Some flirty touches are a great way to seduce him. Igniting a sizzling sexual chemistry is a good chance to work this guy up to kiss you when actually you want to. Make sure you hold his hand tightly and let him feel your eagerness. This can seduce and get a guy to kiss you.

4. The Whispering Game-

Whatever you speak, say it in a way that seduces him and attracts him to your husky voice. If you guys are standing next to each other and finding it really hard to try any of the moves mentioned above, then here’s a tingle-inducing move which can seduce him to kiss you within seconds after you just try this move. As you stand beside your guy and have both of your shoulders almost touching each other, just move closer to him and pull your lips close to his ears and whisper something like ” Thanks for the lovely date” in a very happy voice. This can easily persuade and get a guy to kiss you.

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5. The Cute Goodbye Kiss-

The perfect time for the move is best if initiated with a tight hug and a goodbye kiss on his cheeks. As he comes closer to give you a hug and kiss your cheek, a cute goodbye, then just turn your face towards him so lightly so that your lips almost touch his’, much better if you can get his lips to touch your luscious ones( make sure that you have had them). Don’t worry it would surely seem a mistake and it would seem that your lips touched his by “accident” and he might just smile at you awkwardly.

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At this point, remember not to move away from him. Just softly look into his eyes and stare like there’s something he still has to do which he has forgotten. And with these tricks, before you even realize, he will embrace you with a passionate lip lock within no time!


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