You meet a girl, you think she’s amazing and the next minute you know that you like her. Clearly, everybody around you notices it too. But, that one thing nobody knows whether she likes you too or not? We all know that women can be sometimes really complex or perhaps are complex, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t tell when she likes you. Here are five signs that she likes you, based on the recent research and from years of seeing things from a female perspective.

1. Her companions know about you

If her companions know about you then it is the principal sign that she likes you. If you are with her and her friends and they understand you, it means she talks about you. It’s a good sign if she brings you around her companions because if you want to win her, you’ll have to win her companions’ consent first whether you are a good match for her or not.

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2. She stares at you

Now it’s not at all creepy when I say that she will stare at you when she likes you, so don’t get freaked up that she’s stalking you. Research tells us that people stare at the things that they like, which for the matter can also be a car, an antique showpiece, literally anything. If she stares at you a lot, then chances are she’s into you.

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3. Physical nearness

For any girl who likes you would mostly put herself in surroundings that are close to you. She desires to talk to you, listen to you or maybe just to see you in person just to get to know you better so she will put herself in a surrounding that is close to you. Now, this really doesn’t mean that will come and stand next to you, she’ll probably put herself in a group of individuals besides you, because most girls like it when guys approach them first so she’s just making it easy for you. So next time just walk up to her and say hi! because maybe that’s exactly what she was aiming for.

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4. It’s easy to make her laugh

Research have shown that when a person is attracted to you, it’s much easier for you to make them laugh than in any normal situation. When someone admires you, then they largely like everything about you. So even your most vague jokes will earn a laugh from her. The more she likes you the more she will laugh with you, irrespective of how funny you are.

"She laughs!" Like if Leah were in a bad mood from being treated like a prisoner and me being snappy (the line about 'its not you, it's his inability to stand people') but then maybe we come back later and one of us makes a joke and she laughs and that's either you or I's mock-awed response X): Image Source

5. Body language

While you are talking to her pay close attention towards her body language. Positive body language is a great indicator of interest. If her feet are pointed towards you while you both are talking it means she’s interested in talking to you. But if she is taking interest in talking to you and her feet are pointed in other direction then she subconsciously is trying to get away from you.

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So here are five signs based on the psychology of love whether she likes you or not. Do let us know in the comments below if you have any more tips. May the stars be in your favor!


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