Kabini is a budding tourist destination. Highly underrated, yet it is the best wildlife reserve in Karnataka. Also, it is highly accessible from Mysore (80 km) and Bengaluru (200 km)

Kabini’s wilderness attracts a large number of tourists. Hence, here are a few suggestions for best resorts which will draw you closer to nature.

#1 Evolve Back Resorts (Orange County)

Orange County resorts promise a perfect combination of luxury which is culturally rooted to showcase its vision of ‘Spirit of Land’.

It draws its main inspiration from the traditional Hadis or tribal villages, which is visible throughout the resort.

Price Range – Rs 36,000 to 40,000 per day (for two)

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#2 Kabini River Lodge

The lodge is located near the backwaters of the River Kabini. So it is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. Also, it has 14 colonial style cottages which can accommodate 50 persons at a time.

The former Maharaja of Mysore used it as hunting arena. But now the ‘British tatters guide’ ranks it among the best five wildlife resorts in the world.

Price Range – Not available (Contact here for further information)

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#3 The Bison

The Bison Resort is a beautiful mix of an East African camp and old hunting lodges of the British Raj. Furthermore, it offers three types of accommodation – Deluxe Luxury Tent, Deluxe Luxury Machan, and Suite Cottage.

The resort organizes various customised activities to engage their guests. These include fishing, coracle rides, trekking, and wildlife photography sessions.

Price Range – Not available (Contact here for further information)

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#4 Red Earth Resort

It is situated on the backwaters of Kabini Dam and is the most beautiful resorts in all of Kabini. Still, the most noteworthy practice of the resort is its efforts of cultural preservation.

The cultural highlight with a calm atmosphere is the thing most tourists yearn for. As a result, the best time to visit the place is between September and May.

Price Range – Rs 9,500 – 14,000 per day (for two)

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#5 The Serai

Spread over 70 acres of land, the resort is limited to only 10 acres. While the rest belongs to freedom of wild. If you love premium luxury then Serai is the place to be.

The resort boasts of finest architecture with designer sit outs and open sky showers. Add to that, the sweet sounds of chirping birds making the guests relaxed as never before.

Price range – Rs 18,000-21,000 per day (for two)

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Kabini is one of the few wildlife reserves which is open all year round. And the above list caters to all your accommodation requirements for a short vacation.


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