Last weekend, I went for a short one-day trek and realized what majority of us are missing in our lives. With the combination of thrill, adventure and an instant connect with nature, a monsoon trek promises a lot more. Here are some visible benefits of trekking which would compel you to plan one soon.

Boost Stamina levels

It’s a no brainer that trekking helps to boost your fitness and energy levels. When you climb up the rocky terrain, your legs are continuously in exercise mode. Also, you get to introspect your endurance levels. If you are a first timer, initially there are chances you feel tiresome, but from there on it’s all about flexing your muscles to reach on top of the mountain.

Helps you connect with nature

We are so made to confine ourselves in the man-made environment that we hardly get to experience the real nature. Trekking provides you that desired opportunity. Flowing streams, lush green fields, rain drenched mountains, and what not. You find everything during monsoon treks. Just give it a shot.

Gives positive vibes

With nail-biting competition in our job and on personal fronts, even the smallest failures lead to stress and depression. But no worries, cause this is the time when you need to give yourself a break. Leave all the hassles behind and vouch for trekking, for positivity, for peace and tranquility.


Experience the culture and geography

While trekking is a must for all nature lovers, but it is also very advisable for people who want to explore the raw and rustic way of living life. Amidst a plethora of facilities in urban regions, you are bound to feel uneasy going by the rural lifestyle. Yet, while trekking you encounter various hacks of living, be it food, shelter, language, interacting with communities. Apart from that, photogenic faces get a stunning view of nature, so no stopping for selfies.

Feels like an achievement

You start off with a bang, riding high on confidence. After crossing some few yards you start facing challenges. You are likely to struggle through narrow paths, trip over rocky terrain, experience body resistance. But despite all, you need to aim to reach the desired destination point. And believe or not, once you reach the top of the hill, the success tastes sweeter. It’s not money or promotion, but satisfaction and feeling of achievement, which is here to stay for long.

Although the list of benefits goes on, the above mentioned are highly ranked, because you will feel them instantly. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go off for the mission, MISSION TREKKING!



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