Snowy mountains embellished with cold gray crevices and cloaks of greenery have always been absolutely alluring to the earthly souls who are in constant search of serenity to pacify their wanderlust, as much as the thirst of their inquisitive eyes. If you are an avid traveler in search of the world’s most amazing mountains, then probably this blog is for you. If not, then this blog would surely capture your impertinent senses in this beguiling ride of ours, through the world’s top 5 majestic mountains that are worth your visit.


This heavenly mountain is situated in Peru. It has been accredited as ” The world’s most beautiful mountain” by German magazine Aplinismus in 1966-based on survey first of all by various climbers and photographers. Thus, it’s worth the first position in the list of Top 5 majestic mountains. It has an elevation of 5947m fully adorned by pristine snow. Well, the best months to climb these mountains are May, June, July, August, and September.

Image Source: charismatic planet


Mountain Damavand is situated in Iran. In addition to being very significant in Persian mythology, It’s the second highest volcano in Asia. It has an elevation of 5671m. This dormant volcano is located in the middle of Alborz Range and has a classic volcanic shape, unique to the region. While being surrounded by comparatively rugged peaks of Alborz range, it has an amazing panorama of Iran’s vast expanse of mountains, valleys, and deserts.

image source: TIME FOR IRAN


These are three distinctive battlement seeming peaks, in the Sexten Dolomites of northeastern Italy. Tre Cime Di Lavaredo is probably one of the most well-known peaks in the Alps. Numerous well-marked routes lead from the surrounding communities opposite to and around the peaks. The most common route is from Monte Paterno to the alpine hut Auronzo at 2,333 m. These mountains lay almost in a great line like the spine of the beautiful and explicit land.

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Kirkjufell is the most photographed mountain in the Iceland. Well, its isolated position leading into the sea makes it a stunning focal point for various tourists and seamen alike. Kirkjufell is surrounded by bewildering beaches.  Also, it has a lovely walking path around it as well. Well, it’s quite a challenging to climb up to the top where birds and furthermore fish fossils can be found.

image source: Huff post


This mesmerizing peak in the Swiss Alps is a bliss to one’s eye. It’s, beautifully surrounded by a serene forest of pine trees. From this rocky mountain, flows a sheet of snow rather than noteworthy waterfalls. The sight is probably one of the most soothing for one and also pacifies one’s restless soul to tranquility.

image source: tripwow

I hope that the above pictures captured your restless attention and consequently provoked you to add them to your travel checklist. Happy traveling!


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