Mumbai does fulfill your dreams and desires, but what it doesn’t give you is a peace of mind.

A weekend gateway is all you need to calm yourself, to rejuvenate yourself and discover the new you.

Lakshadweep is the place you got to be.


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Why one should visit this soulful island??

if you are the one who can enjoy in the mystical land and don’t complain of its being little different from the mainstream then you got to back your bags and parcel yourself to the lagoon.

The brilliantly excellent coral archipelago of Lakshadweep is a standout amongst the most disengaged shoreline goals in India. Secured by a cover of rich coconut palms, bordered by shiny white sand flanking a sea where the shade of water ranges from the palest sea green/blue to the most profound sapphire, these colorful islands are the ideal hideaway for the individuals who appreciate the unshod life.

What awaits here for you to explore?


Never did diving before? there is always a first time.

scuba diving

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Scuba diving and snorkeling are the ideal approaches to get a more intensive take a gander at the island’s rich marine life. Take a PADI diving course at the Laccadives Diving School and swim close by stately turtles, inquisitive and colorful fishes and the occasional manta ray in the tidal ponds. You can likewise take your energy for photography to the following level by learning underwater photography as well!


Paddle through the pristine waters of the Laccadive Sea, be amazed at the clarity of divine water which we lack in our own BAY!


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To describe the excellence of Agatti, the words appear to be less. Arabian sea is exceptionally fortunate to have a gem in the type of Agatti Island in its center point. Agatti is an astounding and appalling island with a walled in area of the enchanting tidal pond, coral reefs, diverse shaded coral fishes and a lot of water. Agatti is a passage to Lakshadweep Island as the air terminal is just accessible on this island. Canoeing in this island is awesome as it is performed in fiberglass water boats.

“THE LIGHTHOUSE”-the ray of light into your dark shade city life.

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Crescent shaped, Minicoy Island is the second biggest island of Lakshadweep. With a standout amongst the most superlative tidal ponds in its ownership, it is encompassed all around by delightful towns named “Avah”. The island surely gains its position in the rundown of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep. You should look at the view tower that offers a serene perspective of the encompassing around, stacked with coconut trees and sandy shorelines.



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Minicoy is well-known for its boat building custom. The jahadhoni, a bright and rich race boat, is a showstopper made by native Minicoy experts. The jahadhoni boat race is held every year to showcase the annual jahadhoni fest.


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There is the variety of fish one gets the opportunity to find in the hatcheries, a common one being the Clownfish. In Lakshadweep, there are 300 species that have a place with more than 40 groups of decorative fishes.


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Each island on Lakshadweep has something one of a kind to offer and each shoreline feels comparative yet extraordinary. Soak up the sun and work on understanding that flawless tan or assemble mansions in the shiny sand for a consummately listless day at the shoreline. Around evening time, watch blossoms of bioluminescent tiny fish wash aground on the coral sands, changing them into a reflection of the starlit sky.

GO, SHOPAHOLIC!(It’s not that cheap though)

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Lakshadweep is very costly. You can purchase a few items made of tortoise shells and coconut shells from Amindivi Island. Fish pickles and little tokens are accessible at Kavaratti Island. Indeed, even you can purchase a few things from Aquarium Museum.


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You may have done parasailing in Goa, now fasten your belt for parasailing in Lakshadweep Island. Appreciate the view while doing parasailing and feel like the sovereign. These islands with extraordinary games are an incredible end of the week getaways to appreciate.


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The twisting streets on Agatti take you through little palm forests to the main historical center devoted to Lakshadweep history, the Golden Jubilee Museum. A forcing skeleton of a sperm whale and three gold coins found in the memorial park of the Agatti Masjid.


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You can appreciate the astounding nightlife at Lakshadweep Island. The nightlife of this Island is recently magnificent and exceptional. You can appreciate drinks at Bangaram Island, which is the main Island giving liquor. Indeed, even you can appreciate grill and social move masterminded by the lodging for you. You can get sentimental at the ocean shores of Lakshadweep. You can appreciate your preferred music at shorelines, losing all sense of direction in your own particular world. Bioluminescent Plankton normally known as gleam worms is noticeable on the off-chance that you are remaining at Agatti Island.


There are many things one can do just don’t limit yourself.  When you go global always act like a local.


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