The much imitated Oktober Fest held in Germany, is the world’s most famous Beer Festival. This carnival, as it’s trend says, takes place every year between mid-September and October at none other than the famous Munich. Never heard of it? Well, Munich’s Oktober Fest is famed for buxom ladies, wispy beards, and large out-sized beers. But as a matter of fact, there is much more to it, than just these visuals. So stay tuned to this article to know the 8 unknown facts about Munich’s Oktober Fest:

1. Noops, not a beer festival:

Well this might make you more curious. Though I mentioned above that it is the largest beer festival, now I say it’s not! Then what is it? Weisn to the locals or Oktober Fest is the anniversary celebration of the wedding between Bavarian crown prince Ludwig and his beautiful wife, Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The marriage of these love birds in 1810 was commemorated by the royals with a grand party where surprisingly not a single drop of beer was spilled. But from 1819, the scenario of the 204 year-old tradition changed and the horse races were replaced by beer vendors.

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2. The Misleading Name:

The name of this carnival is really misleading. It’s named Oktober but most of it takes place in September. Though in 1810 it took place on one week of October but later the dates got extended and now it happens in September because then the weather in Germany is very pleasing and warm, which makes it easier for the hosts to attract more visitors to come and enjoy the beer and the festival through several nights.

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3. No, you aren’t served Beer here:

Strange, right? well, you better not call it simply “beer”, but the name given to the drink by the local patrons. Considered one of the best beer in the world, it is served within the Munich limits, it requires only three ingredients in the brewing process- hops, barley and water. these tipples are served in 13 huge drinking tents and are unique to the event.

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4. Zum Wohl:

Oktober Fest has become a very significant and popular Munich landmark, just out of necessity. Well, South Bavaria was once infamous for its awful and unhealthy freshwater supply. So, to avoid plague, cholera, and other nasty ailments, the locals would replace their drinking diet with safer and tastier Beer. So while the locals drink they shout “Zum Wohl” or ” drink to your good health”, as they believe this tradition to be worth it!

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5. Jump in with the vomit proof sneakers on!

Recently, in 2017, Adidas released its special and limited edition of vomit proof sneakers for Oktober Fest as with so much beer being consumed together, people might end up falling sick and puking, maybe in you.

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6. A Kid Friendly Extravaganza:

Children as young as 14 years are allowed with their parents or elders, to enter this huge September carnival. Over the years the organizers have made it even more bigger with the kid friendly zone. With roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, games and other traditional Bavarian parades being open to people of all ages, shapes and varying degrees of drunkenness, it becomes a real family extravaganza.

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7. You need a permission from the Mayor:

Well, since 1950, this festival has only commenced after the famous official gun salute and the respected Mayor shouting O’ zapft is! (“It’s tapped!”) and offering the very first mug to the Minister-President of Bavaria. Only after this, does the festival start.


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8. The Treasure Chest of Lost and Found:

In this huge spectacle, the lost and found office is stuffed with 5000 items each year and 2013 was definitely a historical year.

Beyond all the usual suspects – including 1056 passports, 520 wallets, 320 mobile phones, 300 bags and rucksacks, and 50 cameras – there were some really peculiar finds, like two wedding-rings, a hearing-aid, a set of false teeth, a tombstone shaped like a pencil and a Segway. The lost claim being one unfortunate beer tippler claimed that they lost 50.000 Euros in cash. Well it can be assumed that they drank it!

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