Bam, a small hamlet of around 60 families, is about 7 kilometres away from the town of Basar. Situated in rural regions of the West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, Bam is one of the 42 villages of the Basar block of West Siang district. The place is beautiful with fields covered with lush greens of paddy and iconic panoramic view of the majestic Himalayan peaks in the background, making it a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

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Getting there.

Not being mentioned on the Google map, the place can be a tad bit difficult to be reached. Transport facilities like trains and air services are not available at a near distance. The nearest airport is Dibrugarh and the nearest railway stations are in Naharlagun in Itanagar and Tinsukia in Assam. The best mode to reach there — an SUV or a gypsy, as the terrain is rugged and there are no proper roads. Once you make it to the Basar block, the village isn’t too far and can reach up to the location by asking for directions from the local people.

People and places.

The natives here are known as the Galo tribe. They’re extremely friendly people and happy to talk about their culture and the style of living. Despite being heavily populated by the area’s criterion, they’re a slowly vanishing tribe. Endeavors are being made to chronicle their speech and customs that one day they may outlast. Their chief profession is agriculture, to be more precise shifting cultivation, they live in concordance with nature and the changing seasons. Fishing, hunting, and cultivation are practiced by the natives, keeping the environmental concerns above all.

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Fact- Everyone in the tribe has the surname “Bam” and they live like one big extended family. The kids are named after the last syllable of their father’s name, which makes it easy for them to trace back their ancestral history.

Their homes are built of straw, husk, and woods, with no solid roofs. And being rather small and unknown, the place has no hotels or lodges for visitors to stay in. Thus, if you’re acquainted with any local person, you’re lucky. The closest situated place for the tourist’s stay is in Basar. It bears a government rest house, which can be booked through the Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Offices or the State Bhawan. Other than this, one can likewise stay in Aalo, which has various small hotels and is only 50 kilometers away. From there, you can take in a day trip to the village of Bam.

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Basically, there are no proper tourist spots in Bam. Green valleys, scenic hills and friendly people that are all that it has as attractions. But, if you’re someone wanting a time-out from all that hustle-bustle of your “shehari” life; then you should definitely give this place a shot. Spend your time walking through those lush green fields, soak up the beauty around you and make new friends.


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