Mumbai. Funny it may sound, that a ‘city which never sleeps’ is also called the ‘city of dreams’. Such is the aura surrounding the dynamic metropolis which refuses to slow down.

So here are 5 unusual facts about Mumbai which probably you didn’t know.

It has the largest number of slums and skyscrapers in India

Unlike many megacities of the world, Mumbai’s population has a striking balance of rich with poor. Such that it is home to one of the world’s largest slums in Dharavi. And at the same time, it boasts of a skyline full of high rise buildings.


There are no social but geographical divides

Mumbai is a quite peaceful city when it comes to religious and cultural divides. However, amusing it may sound, there is a cold war which exists between people who live in the city and suburbs. You are literally judged by the region you live in (like central line, western line, etc.)


It ran the world’s first ladies special train

What’s male dominance in Mumbai? 25 years ago, Mumbai local created history by starting the world’s first ladies special train to ferry the women folk. And don’t be surprised to see some vegetable chopping and gossips during the journey in these trains.


It has the world’s best food suppliers

The ‘dabbawalla system’ was initiated more than 100 years ago. It involves delivering tiffins via cycles without a computerized system. It is so efficient that Forbes gave the system a six-sigma rating which implies that there is less than one error in million transactions.


A festival which brings the entire city on streets

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most awaited festival of Mumbai. Be it multi-millionaire or a street hawker, all come together to celebrate the 10-day festival worshipping Lord Ganesha. The 10th day of Visarjan (immersion) is truly worth a lifetime experience. For it gives a true glimpse of the dynamism of Mumbai.




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