No one like prohibitions and often we mend rules in India according to our comfort, but it is not the same elsewhere. Yes, while you feel in abroad, individuals live a greater freedom of expression this piece of information may force you to rethink upon the same. Here is a list of things and activities that are banned in countries, while you are free

Eating chewing gum in Singapore

There is a reason why Singapore is among the world’s cleanest cities. Because they have banned the sale and consumption of chewing gum. Yes, and the ban is in effect since 1992! Although there are some relaxations on medical grounds, there is a hefty amount of fine as much as $700 if you throw it’s leftover on the streets.

Image Source: BBC UK

Running out of fuel in Germany

If you plan to take a road journey through the fast paced autobahn expressways in Germany, then make it a point to check the car’s fuel level. This is an outcome of one of the world’s strangest laws, wherein you can be penalized for running out of gas in the middle of the highway.

Image Source: Telegraph UK

Wearing Heels in Greece

Leave your stilettos, heels or pointed shoes at your hotel, before stepping out in Greece. This is because these footwear damages the rock skin of ancient monuments and lead endless damage to the Greek heritage. Hence, wearing heels is illegal at many places in the country.

Banned heels
Image Source: Mental

Whistling in Canada

In the Canadian city of Petrolia, there is a set of strange laws which are followed. The law prohibits excessive noise making activities during the night times. But some activities like whistling, yelling, singing and hooting are banned at all times in the day. Hence, all the enthusiastic people, hold your emotions when visiting Canada.

Image Source: Readers Digest Canada

Wearing flip flops in Capri, Italy

Yes, and the reason is equally funny too. The Italian province has banned the tourists as well as locals from wearing noisy footwear especially flip flops.  Apparently, you disturb the peace and quietness, which is more valuable to others. And beware of this law, as violating it may land you even in jail.

Image Source: Business Insider

While there are more weird laws and bans followed across the globe, do keep a note of them if you are traveling to any of the above countries.




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