Fear-The word itself has a negative connotation to it. Fears can be categorized into different types. It can be a fear of a specific object,situation or even an element. For example, fear of public speaking, fear of spiders, etc. We have discussed  some simple ways to identify  fears and eliminate them.



  1. Trace the source of fear

    Identify the source of the fear. What’s preventing you from doing something? Knowing exactly what causes fear will help you get a clear idea of what is that hurdle that’s holding you back. Accordingly, you can take the necessary steps towards its elimination.

  2. Train your mind

    According to Derek O’Neill, ‘Become the master of your own mind’. You have to train your own mind to sustain yourself in a scary situation. Input a  magic mantra in your mind. For example-In a situation where you have to stand up and speak in front of people, you could tell yourself-“I’m going to be perfectly at ease and speak confidently.” Constantly feeding your mind these kinds of mantras can psychologically help to boost your levels of  self confidence.

  3. Talk it out with a trusted person

    Confiding in a person whom you trust is a really good way of channelizing your fears. You can be assured that there is someone who understands what you are vulnerable to. Talking about any fear can majorly help to calm your mind and eliminate almost 20% of your fear. There is an assurance that you have someone whom you can fall back on.

  4. Check out relatable people on social media

    There are many famous people who also have had certain fears which they overcame with the help of different tips and tricks. Many of such success stories are available online which could be a very good source of elimination of fear using inspiration.https://lifereimagined.aarp.org/stories/3641-How-Celebrities-Face-Their-Worst-Fears&icid=SG-AA

  5. Rationalize your source of fear

    At times, we often tend to fear things which in reality, may not be scary at all! For example, some people are fearful of dogs. In reality, if dogs are dealt with in a certain way, they are not at all harmful. So we should not simply back away if we see a dog on the street because they mean no harm if we don’t!

  6. Write it down

    Maintaining a diary helps to analyse your fears from time to time. It is a great source of venting. Also, if you feel you have no one to talk to, writing gives a certain sense of temporary relief.

  7. Expose yourself to the source of fear

    Once the above steps are accomplished, you should try to face your fears. Though it is easier said than done, taking steps towards facing your fear will help you overcome it. It may also help to prove that the situation was not as bad as imagined.

  8. Take professional help

    Even after trying out the other steps, if the fear persists, it could be dangerous.If fear elevates to a level where it causes the psychological disturbance, it is known as a phobia. In such cases, taking professional help is absolutely necessary. Visit a counselor and confide in him about your fear. A series of professional therapies will help to disseminate the fear gradually.


face your fears

Thus, these are some simple steps which anyone can implement to get over their fears. So go on, and win over your fears!


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