“Be courageous in your decision-making. Stand by it and never look back.” , says the expert life-coach Dominique Bertolucci.

Our life is an outcome of the series of decisions we make. Once we step out of our protective cocoon of our homes and into the real world, we are bound to make hard-hitting and often life-changing choices. Ambiguity confuses us all. Hence, we struggle to cope with the uncertainty that our decisions lead to. Nevertheless,  backing out is never an option!

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Here’s why standing by your choices can actually make you happier.

You conquer what you accept and face


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Do not look back once you have made your choice. Accept and take responsibility for your actions. Blaming oneself or others will take you nowhere. Instead, face the odds and shape the outcome. It will not only make you more responsible in life but will also boost your confidence. And at the end of the day, you will be proud of yourself because you will know that your achievements, however small, are an outcome of your efforts alone. In fact, acceptance will help you learn to conquer fear and uncertainty, overcome disappointments and double your zeal to bounce back.


Your decisions are valued and respected

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You can, of course, play it safe by being in the shadows and letting others take the big decisions. While laying low is sometimes the smarter option, it will not always come to your aid. Your voice will never be recognized unless you are dynamic about your opinions. Come forward and be decisive. Confidence is always contagious. Your assertion and decisiveness will motivate others to join in. Be it in the workplace or your peer group, you will be valued and your decisions respected.



You will see a leader in you


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If you are one of those who does not waver or falter while taking hard decisions, you are a proven leader! As a supervisor or manager in your organization, you can gain the direct loyalty of your subordinates if you are a staunch decision-maker.


You are the master of your fate


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You know that the steering wheel of your life is in your hands. You do not fall prey to indecisiveness, falter or waffle. You are finally in complete control of your actions. You do not over-think or find excuses for your shortcomings. You do not resign to fate. Hence, you are simply happier and in good terms with your inner self.

You grow as a person

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When you learn to take responsibility for your own actions, you develop yourself holistically. Assertiveness helps you become less confused and more focused on future goals. It helps you to strengthen your personality, face challenges and be liable. Because you are no longer running away from hurdles, you do not fear the uncertain. You can feel an inner bliss as you live your life head-on!


Hence, folks, be brave and back your decisions!  Have faith in your conscience. Never let others have the better of you, ever. Your happiness is your decision!


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