Life was never so easy and never will be. But these mantras will motivate you all the time, to live your life to the fullest.

Mantra 1: Either you win or you learn

You never lose, you just cannot. Treat your life as a series of events, in which sometimes you succeed and sometimes you don’t. Yet those unsuccessful events are worth noting down. Because if you don’t make mistakes, you never learn better. Isn’t it?

Mantra 2: Comfort zones don’t produce great things

Mantra 2

This does not mean you start performing surgeries having a caliber of an engineer. It takes some courage and belief to step out and challenge yourself. You must be happy with your performance but never get satisfied with it. Try to strive for a better outcome and opportunity. Else complacency will take a toll on your career.

Mantra 3: Talk Less, Listen More

Mantra 3

First of all, let me tell you that listening doesn’t mean to just hear someone. Ideally, when you listen, you accept, analyze and understand the other person’s viewpoint. But nowadays, everyone just wants to talk and assert their opinion. It is through listening, that you can win over others, keep secrets to yourself and gain more knowledge. Finally, if you turn into a good listener, your thoughts are deemed to get valued by others.

Mantra 4: Don’t try to be over-perfect

No man is perfect and yet you try to be the best. But sometimes you need to calm your horses. Not everything will go your way. Sometimes you need to welcome the misfits in your social groups. If you try being the superior of others, they may socially abandon you. Needless to mention the consequences, just try to gel with people around, as being imperfect isn’t a crime always.

Mantra 5: Keep the least expectations from others

This is the ultimate key to live a healthy life. You encounter sadness and disappointment when the outcomes don’t match your expectations. So the solution is even easier. Keep fewer expectations from others, and in turn, fulfill your duties beyond someone’s expectations. See the results for yourself. And remember ‘Underpromise and over deliver’ will always work in your favour.



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