Are you a person with numerous friends yet none being the best one? Or do you crave for real friends? Have past experiences shattered your trust? Aren’t you able to make trustworthy friends? Aren’t you able to make someone your true confidant and best friend? If your answers to even one of the questions are yes, and you are a person with no friends or no real friends, then just become one for your own.


A best friend is usually a person who knows us inside out, understands us well, has enough confidence in our capabilities to bring out the best in us and fills us up with suggestions from time to time. But what if you don’t have a best friend? Keep Calm and Remember that You have You for You!

Yes, you got it right! You don’t really need anyone else if you can absolutely love yourself and groom up to a level where you can understand yourself very well. A level where you are happy with yourself and you don’t need anyone to fill the void in your life.


Many people are plagued by low-esteem and have a tendency of not liking oneself due to various misconceptions. The key to such issue is to unlock your love for your own, and once you do it, you are sure to confidently remove the insecurities of your life that are destroying you!



As per Google statistics, in a week over millions of users type ” I have no friends” on a google search. Well, they do so to seek for ways to overcome loneliness. If you are facing the same problem, then just Keep Calm and Just follow 5 simple ways to be happy with your own:

1. Spend Time With Yourself:

Even in our busy schedules, we make sure to take time out for our loved ones and friends. But what we forget is to spend time with ourselves. To love yourself for the way you are, you need to explore yourself- your interests, your desires, your needs, your dreams-probably all about you. How can you expect others’ to know you well, if you yourself don’t bother to?

So, it’s very essential that you discover the person within you. The best ways to do so is to seek out solitude and be alone for a while. you can just go to a cafe alone and jot down your thoughts in a diary; Meditate in the morning and ask yourself about your own desires and cravings; Go out in the green and explore your passion for life. Ask yourself what’s important to you. Questions like these would help you to know yourself better and speed up the process of becoming your own best friend.

2.Don’t Wait For Others To Notice You:

We humans usually have the tendency to wait for people to notice and praise us. Actually, if you want to be happy, then just stop expecting from others and acknowledge your own efforts before it’s to late. If you do something that you’re proud of then just dwell in the moment, realize the importance and relish the outcome. If you keep waiting for others to praise and encourage you that you might end up losing your self-confidence.

3.Decrease Your Dependency:

We generally have a habit of depending on others to fulfills our needs and desires. This is what makes us crippled- emotionally and mentally. We rely so much on others that when they leave us, we become extremely alone and the void turns our world upside down. To decrease your dependency on others, start with small things. for Example: Go to watch a movie alone, go for a drive alone, explore cafes and hangout places by yourself. Hangout in the nature and embrace the solitude, even keep your phone aside.

4.Pacify Your Bodily Needs:


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