In this tedious life, we tend to go through a lot of things in our daily routine. Some of those things can leave a bad remark in our brain that can lead us to Depression. Depression is a very strong word which is generally used by people these days as a synonym for being sad. Depression is NOT being said. It is a very serious mental health disorder that we need to stay away from. Here are few ways on how you can deal with depression –



Talking relieves out a lot of stress especially when you do it with the right people. Either call up a close friend or just sit and talk to a family member about the problems you are facing. Let out your anxiety and express your feelings in the right way, and do not lose your calm. Talking to the people who understand and love you will work out like a complete savior!

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Take up some hobbies

Discover yourself and indulge yourself in activities that you like. There are various mediums through which you can divert your mind and overcome your depression like expressing yourself through writing, joining dance classes, traveling with friends/family etc. By having such hobbies, you will be able to distract your mind from the things that are disturbing you and your mind will remain fresh.



People tend to get lazy when they are in a bad mood or feeling low for a continuous period of time. Exercising, going out for a walk, joining the gym or some aerobic classes can make a huge difference! Depression tends to expand when you don’t do anything about it other than isolating yourself from the outer world. So working out will help you rebuild yourself and come out of that traumatic mental phase!


Adapt the optimistic view and stop blaming yourself

See things in a positive manner and do not think about the loss or damage that has already been done. What has occurred cannot be undone so stop blaming yourself for things you didn’t even do; and even if you did, just let them go because there is no more turning back. Have a positive and happy attitude towards life.

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When you are around people, you tend to forget all the mishappenings that have occurred or can occur. Involve yourself with a group of people in parties, outings, get-togethers, etc. Do not refrain yourself from hanging around with your mates and rather put an initiative to be a part of as many social events possible. This will not only help you forget the cause of your anxiety but will also make you a better and happier person from the inside. It might take some time, but it is surely going to work.

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Visit a therapist

If none of the above works out, consider visiting a therapist. People generally consider going to the therapist as a bane but this is not true! A therapist is not just a doctor but a person who listens to you and gives you the best of advice. There is nothing wrong or shameful is seeing a therapist if you think you are not able to fight your depression on your own.


Depression is not a sin, it is a state. Get out of it not just for the sake of yourself, but for the sake of everyone else around you as well, because it is contagious in the most dangerous way possible. 


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