A great man once said: “Never fall in love with a person instead fall in love with a place or a city. A lover might leave you but a city won’t, it lives inside you forever.”
So have you ever considered doing a short trip to somewhere just because you are shattered and stressed? If not, what are you waiting for then? Here are thus 5 ways how travelling can reduce stress and give eternal bliss.

1. Escape from a mundane life


The root cause of stress and anxiety today is the monotonous life. People are so involved in work today that they hardly get any time for planned excursions and adventures, which somehow stresses them out. Through travelling, people find solace as well as an escape from their otherwise dull and draining life.

2. People learn from others’ experiences

When people go out and travel, they meet new people. They share stuff with them and eventually end up making unbreakable bonds. In that course of a time, people realize that their problems are nothing as compared to what others are going through. In this way, people learn and gain something valuable that help them grow and release stress.

3. Best way to introspect

A place where you can introspect

Usually, when we say we need a break, we actually mean that we want to go somewhere far away from where nobody knows us, where we can introspect so as to ascertain some of the answers to the riddles that life throws at us! Travelling actually helps in introspection and self-realization. One finds himself at peace and when someone is at peace, he is always stress-free. Since in cities there is always a chaotic situation, people tend to go far- away places to explore themselves and to know the real purpose of their life.

4. Reduces the risk of depression and other psychological problems

A joyous excursion or a planned journey reduces the stress to a remarkable lower level. The workload of a person is sometimes too much to handle so he/she turns to travelling. This reduces the anxiety to a major level. Moreover, travelling reduces the chances of depression and make a person more ecstatic and lively. A person actually starts to feel rejuvenated, fresh and young.

5. Memories of lifetime

only good memories

When you know you have numerous beautiful and eternal memories to revive upon and cherish, one can never feel sad or depressed. It’s like carrying a magical and mystic potion and whenever you feel thirsty you take a sip of the potion and poof! You feel zealous all over again. So when you go out for travelling you make memories that are not worth describing. It’s like:

“Memories live inside of you forever and you give a home to memories forever.”

So I request you all to travel for as long as you can and as far as you can!


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