Take the road less taken is the mantra to crack interviews. Believe it or not but the giving interviews isn’t hard if you follow these simple tips –

Learn to market yourself

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First things, foremost. Focus on marketing yourself, not as an object but an asset, a valuable addition to the host company. After all the company needs you as much as you need it.

Often interviews boil to down ‘selling ourselves’ which is a fact. So be persuasive enough to seize the opportunity. After all the company needs you as much as you need it.

Always back yourself with a good resume

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The first impression is the last impression and what better way to build it than an appealing resume. Usually, it reaches the interviewer before you meet him.

Hence it should be powerful enough to create a favorable perception.

Be truthful, but don’t overdo it

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Yes, it is important that you avoid lying unless you want to be drilled or embarrassed by the interviewer.

But at the same time, it is not a crime to dramatize your achievements. Remember, exaggerated advertisements lure most of us.

You too can ask questions and ask the best ones possible

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When permitted, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the interviewer. Ask the best ones possible. Still, can’t figure out the difference?

So here it is. A question on salary or fringe benefits can be termed as common and insignificant. While those asked on work-life balance, job life cycle or related careers, gain you extra brownie points from the interviewer.

Accept and Respect others opinion

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No man is perfect and there are no perfect interviews too. You may go wrong sometimes, but that’s it. Accept the criticism and respect the views of the interviewer.

As it only makes you a more polished and experienced person at the end of the day. So never bother about the consequence, it’s the process and your presentation which matters.


When going for an interview, there are a hell lot of preparations required from your end. Right from the attire, you wear to the gestures you make, everything matters.

But always keep the above pieces of advice in mind as they will neutralize your anxiety before and after the interview.



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