F. R. I. E. N. D. S. Well, certainly this TV series doesn’t need an introduction, this show has shown a lot of chemistry and twists when it comes to Dating. The most surprising element for the audience was when Monica and Chandler got together. So, here listed are the 5 times when Monica and Chandler were the Ideal Couple Goals.

Season 5 episode 1. “The one after Ross says, Rachel.”

The one after Ross says, Rachel

“The one where they look for stupid signs and reasons so that they can be back together.”
Initially, this was the start of their relationship, the specialty about Monica and Chandler is that with them it didn’t begin like a normal relationship. It began as a ‘one night thing’ but then they realised that this wasn’t meant to be a one night thing, through this episode you will see how desperately they want to be with each other, but they aren’t ready to accept the fact that they want to be with each other, they look for stupid reasons so that they can stick together with each other, well at first this won’t be someone’s “Ideal Couple Goals” but then why don’t you ask yourself twice?

Season 5 episode 14. “The One Where Everybody Finds Out.”

“The one where Chandler accepts that he loves Monica in front of their Friends.”
In between hiding and tricking with their friends, Chandler finally accepted that he loves Monica. Initially, this wasn’t the first time he said that he loves her, but this time he accepted it in front of everyone else. There was no rush in their relationship, both were mature and understanding enough, and when a guy like Chandler with commitment issues accepts that he’s in love with Monica why won’t they be “Ideal Couple Goals?”
The way their relationship was portrayed made everyone feel those butterflies in under stomach every single time they saw Monica and Chandler on screen.

Season 6 Episode 24 “The One With The Proposal.”

“The one where the commitment-phobic proposes to his girlfriend.”
Yes, exactly when a commitment-phobic will propose his girlfriend for marriage you can imagine how much in love he is, The moment Chandler looks into Monica’s eyes it makes us feel that spark of love they’ve for each other. When Chandler decides to propose Monica it just didn’t come as a shock to audience it came as a shock to their Friends as well, their Friends finally realised that how serious Monica and Chandler are with their relationship, and even Chandler finally realizes that it’s high time and he should just give up his commitment crap up in the air.

Season 7 episode 24. “The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding.”

“The one where they finally get married.”
Although Chandler takes off before the wedding, he then realizes how much he loves Monica and how easy this is because the one he’s getting married to is not just his fiance but is his best friend before being his girlfriend. The journey from Best Friends to Soulmates, isn’t that something that everyone is looking for? When people were looking for this Monica and Chandler had already found each other. Their marriage was again a perfect marriage where their “Internet-ordained minister best friend” was the person to get them married. A best friend marrying two of his best friends. Well, how often does that happen?

Season 9 episode 21 “The One With The Fertility Test.”

“The one where they had each other back.”
Understanding is the heart of every healthy relationship.
The most amazing part of their relationship was that how they dealt with their issues, they always had each other back, every single time when they realized that they can’t have a baby together and might have to look for other options they didn’t leave each other’s side. They understood each other, they understood their problems and found out a way to deal with those. They were the couple who had every single element in them, the spark, the love and care for each other, the understanding, everything was mixed in a correct proportion to make their relationship stronger. The best part of their relationship was that how they never had to explain each other to one another. Even when they had an issue with not being able to conceive children they dealt with it maturely and decided to adopt children.


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