Are you too thin? Do you want to gain weight? Do you want to look fit? Don’t worry then because in this article I am going to give you some tips to gain weight in a healthy way. We guys always feel if we will eat more junk food then it will help us to gain weight faster. But guys do not forget that junk food is junk food and it will surely give you bad weight. If you want to gain healthy weight then you should opt healthy food and exercises.

Here we go with the tips.

1. Do not drink water before meals.

You should not drink water before meals because water may fill up your stomach and may not allow you to consume more calories. Consuming water before meals may restrict you from  in taking the required calories by your body. So always drink water after meals for better results.

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2. Intake a lot of protein.

The most necessary nutrient to gain weight is Protein. Protein helps in the building of muscles. Therefore in taking protein helps in gaining the fat. But should not be taken in much amount because it can reduce your appetite and restrict the calories intake. Therefore everything you consume should be in a balanced amount.Eat curd, drink milk and other dairy products and you can also in take fish and oil seeds if you are non vegetarian.

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3. Consume good amount of calories.

Everyone knows consuming calories has a direct relation in gaining weight. Calories provide us energy which is most required by our body and the rest of the calories are utilised by our muscles and body to gain weight. You must know about your body and according to it you must take calories. Calories should be taken in more amount in comparison to the amount your body burns.If you want to gain weight faster then take about 700 to 900 calories and if slowly then 300 to 450.

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4. Eat atleast 3 times per day.

You must eat atleast 3 meals per day. The meals should contain high carbs and high fat. The protein rich and fat rich diet would help you alot. You should not do fasting because this will result in weight loss and your all hard work will go into vain.

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5. Improve your strength.

If you do not want your excess calories to go into the fat cells rather than muscles then you must do weight lifting. This will improve your strength and help your muscles to gain weight faster.

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6. Eat more often.

You must eat more often to gain weight. It will not let more calories of yours to burn because your body will have caloric surplus and hence they will be utilised by your muscles and hence will help you to gain more weight. Take small meals in between your big meals.

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7. Do not smoke and get quality sleep.

You should not smoke if you want to be healthy and gain weight. Quitting smoking leads to weight gain. Good quality sleep is always required because if you will be stressed up then you will lose more weight than gain.

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8. Eat healthy vegetables and meat.

You should eat alot of leafy vegetables and meat in order to gain weight faster in the required time. The more healthy you will eat the more healthy you will get.

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9. Mix of foods.

If you have variety of food on your plate then you must first of all consume protein rich food and calories rich food and consume vegetables at last.

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10. Food you must eat.

Butter, meat, fish, milk, green leafy vegetables, banana, potato, cream, tuna, natural fruit juice, whole wheat bread, nuts and oats, cheese, oil, yogurt and many more food rich in protein and calories.

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These were some of the basic tips that all of you must follow to gain weight. To lead a healthy life you must be fit. If not fat then you should not be too thin. Therefore go on with these tips and lead a healthy life.

Hopefully this article will be beneficial for you .

Stay healthy, stay happy.

Cheers to life!



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