When it comes to Deepavali we know how much authenticity this festival holds in all over India. Deepavali a festival celebrated in the happiness of victory of Lord Rama and known for its new beginning. Deepavali brings up the idea of fireworks and somehow air pollution.

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We all know very well how the fireworks  lead to air pollution and a lot of health instability, and somehow we’re happy that Supreme Court is finally taking some actions on this topic, the court has suspended the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and NCR until 1 November 2017.

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We know that you all are wondering why is this implemented only in Delhi and not all over in India. Delhi being reported the worst city in the entire world in 2016 due to the high amount of air pollution explains the reason why it’s a banned in Delhi and NCR.

The ban on the sale of fireworks does put a good impact as far as the environment is concerned, but somehow this effects the economy as well. The people who sell firecrackers for their livelihood are going to face lot of trouble. Although the sale of firecrackers is not limited to just Deepavali but it’s the season where they can get the maximum number of sales. The Supreme Court announcing it on this Monday makes it more difficult for the sellers to find an alternative to cope up with the upcoming economic crisis.

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The sudden decision by SC (Supreme Court) is to test whether if it creates a “positive effect” on health effects of citizens as well as to know if it improves stagnation in the air.

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Considering the levels of Sulphur-dioxide in the air during Deepavali the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) passed a petition on why Firecrackers shouldn’t be burnt during this season.

If you’re wondering how does it affect the health of people, what actually happens is when Sulphur combustion takes place Sulphur-dioxide is produced and its extremely harmful for the health. CPCB also found out that during Deepavali from 9 pm to midnight there’s a huge level of increase in the amount of Sulphur-dioxide in the atmosphere.

The growing level of Sulphur-dioxide in the air during Deepavali has created a lot of health issues in the past as well, being citizens of this country we all realize that how important it is to stop this from happening, but we even understand the economic crisis it’s going to create for the firecracker sellers.


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Since the ban has been passed by SC we hope that something good comes out of it, we, of course, expect the air pollution to lessen in this year at least by some amount.

We all hope that you’re a happy and safe Deepavali with your families and friends.


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