The internet is buzzing about it. The media is covering it. And am sure you too are anxious about what ‘Blue Whale’ is all about.

Certainly, we aren’t talking about the mammal but a game, a killer game. 

So how does it work?


A depressed young teenager encounters a social media group of ‘Blue Whale’, which encourages him to end his life. The game promises to make the suicide ‘thrilling’ by offering to complete a 50-day challenge.

During the course of 50 days, the individual undergoes a series of tasks. This includes causing self-injury, watching horror flicks, waking up at odd hours in the night and even carving out the shape of a whale on your arm!

By each passing day, the task gets tougher and on the last (50th day) the game admin asks the teenager to commit suicide. Not only this but one also has to take photos and upload them as proof after completing every challenge.

Why is it dangerous?

The game ‘Blue Whale’ started in Russia around 2013 with the name of ‘F57’ and since then it has spread across many countries via social networking. The result – The game has claimed over 130 lives and continues to foil the lives of young teenagers.


So can we leave the Blue Whale challenge in between?

No, Once you become a part of it, you cannot exit. If someone wants to back out on the last day (for the obvious). Then the game admin threatens them on the pretext of harming their family if they violate the game rules.

 But what’s the purpose of making such a game?

Blue Whale Challenge

According to Philipp Budeikin, who is the alleged inventor of ‘Blue Whale’ game justifies his creation as a purpose to ‘cleanse the society’. By removing the ‘biological waste’ who hold no value to the world.

What are the kind of challenges in the game?


There are various tasks assigned like –

  • Wake up at 4:20 am and go to the roof
  • Cut your upper lip
  • Scratch a message on your arm
  • Visit a cemetery
  • On the last day, jump out of the window or go under a train

So how can I access it?

You cannot download the game. In fact, it’s a social media phenomenon which secretly intrudes over group networks. It could be best described as that you don’t choose the game, rather it chooses its victims.

Is there any way to stop it?

The government of various countries has already stepped up their efforts by monitoring social media network sources. But on an individual level, you can do your bit too. Now that you know all about Blue Whale challenge, keep yourself and others away from this stigma.

NOTE: You don’t need to fight your depression or sadness by playing this mindless game as you have other ways to fight them too.


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