Are you a student living in a hostel/PG/ Flat away from your cozy home? Do you face a shortage of money every month? Are you regularly facing health issues? Does your hostel food lack nutritional value? Does your diet contain more of carbohydrates than protein? If it’s a big YES! then this article about the nutritious foods for hostel life is just for you!

This article categorically informs you about

  • The nutritional value of the 8 essential foods
  • The required daily calorie intake
  • Nutritional facts
  • How to add healthy calories and carbs to your diet
  • How to add essential proteins and fibers to your diet.

So, stay tuned to the article to know about the cheap nutritious foods that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


As a proven fact, an average adult needs approx. 2300 calories per day to maintain a constant weight. So, try to make sure that every day, your diet should contain at least 2-3 eggs. This would provide you with 147 essential calories.

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Even if you do not exercise regularly, you should have at least 2 eggs. It not only provides you with good calories but is also a powerhouse of disease-fighting nutrients, high-quality protein and is a major source of vitamins, minerals, iron and carotenoids. It’s nutritional value is best when had in breakfast.

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Are you strict vegetarians and are in search of an equally nutritious alternative? Then, be sure to add curd to your diet. Well, if measured, 100g of curd provides 98 calories. Other than this, it is wholly packed with protein, vitamin B12, Pantothenic acid, calcium and phosphorous. Thus it can prove to be a really great alternative to eggs and even milk for calcium if consumed in correct quantity.

NOTE: If you’re a patient of Uric Acid, then make sure that you don’t consume curd regularly, as it acts as a catalyst to aggravate the condition. But don’t forget to include it in your diet.


Sprouts are a common ingredient all around the world. They are popular for boosting metabolism, improving the digestive process, reduce weight, prevent anemia, protects against cancer, improves vision, boosts skin health, reduces blood pressure, and what not! So, you can very well see, that the list of its benefits is quite impressive.

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Sprouts are low in sodium and saturated fat, which can be harmful to health; high in protein, thiamin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and a powerhouse of dietary fibers which improves your bowel health. After reading all of its functions, I hope do not forget to include it in your diet, more specifically breakfast.


Well, when I am talking about chicken, let me mention that chicken delivers its nutritional value at its best when roasted, put in curry or in soup, not when fried with oil or spices. A boneless or bone-in breast chicken provides with 165-197 calories, 30-31 grams of protein and 3-7 grams of essential fats.

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The amazing benefits of chicken can be listed down as that of boosting your immunity, relieving stress, promoting heart health and building muscles and strong bones. More specifically, magnesium, a nutrient present in chicken helps to soothe pre-menstrual syndrome and fights the various mood changes that a woman faces during periods.

Also, men should have it because of the presence of zinc in it, which regulates testosterone levels and increases sperm production.

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Well, paneer is an all-time favorite of both the vegetarians and even the non-vegetarians. But if you’re not quite fond of this amazingly nutritious dairy product then you ought to know that paneer is extremely rich in calcium, phosphorous, good carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats.

More essentially it’s benefits are quite interesting for the diet and weight conscious people. As paneer releases its energy slowly, it keeps full for long, keeping the hunger pangs at bay and thus contributes to weight loss. It also increases the fat burning process in the body, being rich in antioxidants- improves your skin, and makes your teeth strong. I feel these nutritional facts about paneer are enough to make you include it in your daily hostel diet.


Very common in the Indian household, Lentil is an edible pulse. They are an excellent source of iron, protein, potassium, vitamin B1 and B6 and dietary fiber. Not to forget, lentils provide us with benefits such as stabilizing of blood sugar, helping in weight loss, increasing energy, etc. and when it stabilizes the blood sugar, it reduces the chances of a heart attack or diabetes. So, just make sure that you include it in your lunch or dinner so as boost its nutritional values.

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Tofu is a kind of dairy product which is made of Soya milk. It’s not only a great source of protein, vitamin B1, calcium, minerals, and zinc but also contains all the essential amino acids. Generally, half a cup of tofu contains 94 calories. The nutritious facts about tofu are quite convincing. It keeps one at bay from the cardiovascular diseases, prevents breast and prostate cancer and last but not the least, it even offers relief to certain symptoms of menopause. Thus, it’s essential to include tofu in your diet. At least twice a week. You can buy it in any grocery store where paneer is available or a supermarket is a better option.

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Fish is a low-fat high-quality protein, which is filled with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2. It is even rich in calcium, phosphorous, zinc and other essential minerals. Fish is taken in curry form, steamed form, boiled form or fried form, is a highly nutritious food which must be included in one’s diet if you are luckily a non-vegetarian for the following reasons. It increases grey matter in our brain and thus protects it from age-related deterioration and even improves sour sleep quality. Thus, students require the nutritional value of fish as they usually have a disturbed sleep routine. Girls, you need to note this point, that the essential oils that fish contains are a big secret behind glowing and young skin and an amazing hair.

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It might be problematic to buy and cook fish every once in a while, so you can go and have fish from different non-veg outlets or cheap restaurants, once in two weeks, so as to eliminate the carbohydrates and increase the good calories in your body.


Beans and Legumes are the essential food ingredients of every household. But once you are out of your home, its mandatory that you keep consuming them even in your hostels. Legumes contain twice the protein content of cereal grains. They are high in energy-giving carbohydrates, rich in B-group vitamins and fiber, and low in sodium. Whereas beans contain pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 in addition.

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The most amazing nutritional fact is that beans comprise 329 calories. Thus they are quite essential to fulfilling the essential daily calorie requirements. They also prevent cancer, reduce weight, and lower the bad cholesterol, which we gain through junk food. In addition, legumes are a great source of fiber for heart and digestive health. Thus, make sure that you include them in your diet regularly, more specifically for lunch or dinner.

Examples: In India, the famous beans and legumes are Rajma, chana, peas, etc.

NOTE: if you are a patient of a migraine then you shouldn’t consume much of beans as they trigger the pain and might aggravate it.


2 tablespoons of these seeds contain 139 calories. So, you can imagine how nutritious it is, if you munch them all the day. Not only calories, but they consist of omega 3 fatty acids, rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals and are gluten-free. They can really work wonders for your body. Are you a vegetarian? Then the best news for you is that they are great egg- substitutes.

Well, to list down its health benefits, chia seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients in very few calories, they help you in losing weight. If you are a patient of PCOS, then chia seeds are of the best for you. They improve fertility, improve insulin sensitivity and reduces hair growth and acne caused due to PCOS.

NOTE: You can either eat them raw or can use them as toppings in smoothies, juices, oatmeal or even just mix them in water.


Well if you are living in a hostel, then you must be quite mature to understand how important fruits are for your health and what wonders they work. But if you aren’t quite fond of eating fruits, still you need to make habit of consuming at least three important fruits daily to add nutritional value to your diet.

Pomegranate- One pomegranate contains 144 calories and is very rich in nutrients and iron. It undoubtedly increases your blood count and reduces anemia. it also has anti-inflammatory and anti aging properties which helps your skin. it also increases exercise performance and improves memory.

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For men– pomegranate is great remedy for erectile dysfunction.

For women– It not only purifies the blood and reduces acne but also brings excessive glow to your skin. More            importantly, if you are a patient of PCOS, then it can be a great remedy for cure, if consumed regularly.

 Banana- One banana contains 110 calories. they are absolutely free of fat, cholesterol and sodium. it not only contributes in reducing weight but also uplifts mood and cures depression, boosts your energy instantly, whitens teeth and helps prevent cancer and even reduces inflammation due to mosquito bites.

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For women- it moisturizes your skin, brings glow, has anti-aging benefits, treats puffy eyes and removes dead skins. also it builds strong, healthy and shiny hair, treats acne, helps achieve the beauty sleep and relieves menstrual pain.

For men-Bananas are rich in magnesium and manganese – two of the minerals that many men are deficient in and are necessary for a healthy and fully functional prostate.

Apple- Though apples are low in calories they contain no saturated fats or cholesterol. further it is an ideal source of vitamin B and C. moreover thay prevent cancer and other health risks.

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For men– Apples give you boost after a long workout and prevent obesity.

For women– They help in weight loss, hydrate skin, provide UV protection, is a great toner, treats puffy eyes; stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss and treats dandruff.

Thus, you should include the above three fruits in your diet by hook or crook.


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  1. Never skip a meal, as the next meal/ food you have adds to your fat and contributes to obesity.
  2. Men should feed more on zinc as it regulates their testosterone levels and increases sperm production.
  3. Women should feed more on fruits and chia seeds which improve their menstrual cycles.


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