In my last article I told you about Gallstones and Kidney stones and their symptoms, causes,  medical treatment etc. I feel that most of the people remain dependent on the Doctors and allopathy medicines. Very few people know about the home remedies to get rid of these stones. So here I have come up with the home remedies to eliminate the kidney stones which I am sure will help a lot of people to get rid of these and pain they tolerate due to these stones.

Here we go with the Home Remedies.

First of all I want to tell you about the use of Apple Cider Vinegar in eliminating Kidney Stones.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar : It is really very helpful in removing kidney stones. Its effectiveness depends upon the size of the stone, the nature and time duration of the stone. Due to the high acidity, Apple Cider Vinegar helps to break down the hard tissues that form these kidney stones. It also makes our body to flush out harmful toxins which further stop the stones from reforming. Now I will tell you how to use it:

  •   Apple Cider Vinegar and Water: Add two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar into 6 to 8 oz. of fresh water and mix them well and take this solution regularly to remove stones and even if the stones are removed then to avoid their recurrence take this solution for atleast 2 weeks. Taking up this solution before meals will also keep the infections away. So take this before your meal throughout the day.
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  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey: Take two teaspoons of honey and mix it well with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.Take this mixture throughout the day till your stones get eliminated. You can also add water to this mixture and drink it throughout the day just remember that the water should be fresh and not cold or hot.
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  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice: Mix 2oz. of organic olive oil and 2oz. of lemon juice. Drink this mixture and then 12 oz of fresh water and wait for half an hour. After this add half lemon juice to 12oz of water and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and drink it. Take this mixture throughout the day until the stone gets eliminated.
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2.Water: Main problem of us is that we do not intake the required of water which is the root of many problems. The basic remedy to get rid of these stones is in taking water atleast 12 glasses a day and when you are passing down a stone then drinking more water provides lubrication and makes it easier for you to pass down the stone. So please drink water atleast 12 glasses a day even if you get rid of these stones then to prevent them to occur again.

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And other remedies are:

3. Lemon Juice: You can add lemon juice to your water on regular basis. Try to drink water by adding lemon into it. Lemon contains citrate which is a chemical and further helps to prevent calcium stones from forming. So add lemon to your water for better results.

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4. Celery Juice: Celery juice helps to eliminate stones from your kidneys. It clears away the toxins that contribute to the formation of  calcium stones. This also helps to flush out the stones easily. You can have it by blending one or more celery stalks with water and having it through out the day. You should not take it if you have any bleeding problem, low blood pressure or any upcoming surgery and also if you are taking synthroid, lithium, medications that increase sun sensitivity or sedative medications.

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5. Macrotyloma Uniflorum (Kulthi Ki Daal) : This is a type of pulse which is very helpful in removing the urinary stones and kidney and also eliminate the pain of it. You can get this pulse from market and can take it as soup. Take 25 grams of kulthi clean it nicely and wash it under the running water to remove the impurities. Add 200 ml of water to it and allow it to boil till the water is reduced to 50 ml.Filter it and drink it hot. You should drink it twice a day. This is the best effective way to eliminate stones. This is also called HORSE GRAM.

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So guys I feel that the above remedies should work for you too as I have seen my mother taking them and these really work, especially Macrotyloma Uniflorum. This is my suggested remedy. Please try these and get your results without spending much money on doctors and medicines.

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay happy.

Cheers to life!


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