Sugar is a demonized ingredient for many. It is considered the root of all health problems. But is it so? As the world around us becomes more health conscious, here are some myths decoded about sugar.

Myth 1: Sugar rots your teeth

Remember your parents scolding you for eating too many candies? It’s because they felt consuming excess chocolates and sweets cause dental decay. But now, you can prove them wrong. Tooth decay is not caused by eating sugar. It is the result of bacteria that feeds off on sugar. This bacteria feeds off on any carbohydrate. So be careful, while you consume starch foods that stick to your teeth.

Myth 2: Eating sugar causes diabetes

It is often called the ‘White Poison’. Reason – it causes the most terrorizing disease of ‘Diabetes’. And it is not true. Although it is wise to limit your sugar intake. In fact, it’s the high-calorie foods like soft drinks and cookies which lead to weight gain and risks related to diabetes.

Myth 3: Honey and natural sweeteners are better than sugar

You might start preferring honey, brown sugar or natural sweeteners over the common white one. But let me tell you that they are still sugars. The only slight difference between the two is, where the former has more nutrients than the latter. Apart from that, your body treats both in the same manner. Hence, the bottom line is an extra dose of honey or brownsugar leads to excess calorie intake and associated health risks.


Myth 4: These products don’t contain sugar at all

If you think, the product you eat does not contain sugar at all, this piece of fact is for you. In all probability, you are succumbing to the fancy ‘hidden sugar’ names on the product labels. It has a variety of fancy names like dextrose, fructose, cane syrup, corn sweetener, etc. Take note of these surnames before you go out for shopping because more 2/3rd sugarfree items contain what you want to avoid.

Myth 5: Fruits are too sugary to be healthy

It is true that fruits are quite sweet naturally. But at the same time, fruits also contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fibers which are super-awesome from the health perspective. And not just fruits, even vegetables contain sugar and carbs but in lower amounts. Together when consumed, fruits and veggies are better than normal sugar intake as they lower cholesterol levels and keep your body in check. So don’t give it a second thought, keep eating them.



Finally, don’t overthink on sweet consumption because ‘Too much of anything can destroy you’. After all, if you can regulate the sugar intake, you are set for healthier days ahead.




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