We all love eating these food items but ever thought how they came to existence? ‘Accidental Inventions‘ Yes, you heard it right. These food pioneers never thought of inventing something which will be relished all over the world. So, here are 5 delicious food experiments/accidents that happened for good.


Invented by: John Montagu sometimes in the 1700s

invented by sandwich
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It was the noble officer of Sandwich (England), whose love for gambling gave us the tastiest snack ever possible. As the story goes, Montagu ordered his cook to prepare something which won’t interfere with his 24-hour gambling streak. The cook presented a dish containing chopped meat in between two bread slices, which could be eaten by one hand while playing with the other. Soon this ‘between the bread’ food became a food revolution.

Potato chips

Invention of: Chef George Crum in 1853

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Employed as a cafe chef in Saratoga Springs (NY), George was tired of a dissatisfied customer who kept returning his batches of soggy, thick fried potatoes. Hence, in order to teach him a lesson, George sliced the last batch of potatoes as thin as possible. Further, he fried them to make them crunchy and sprinkled some salt on the serving. And the result? The dish was liked by the patron and soon became a rage across the world.

Ice-cream cones

Invention of: Ernest A Hamwi in 1904

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It was the St. Louis Fair of 1904, where Hawmi, was selling zalabis (kind of waffles pastry) in a booth next to an ice-cream vendor. Due to the popularity of ice-cream, the vendor ran out of dishes to serve it. This is when Hamwi came to his rescue, rolled one of his waffles in shape of a cone and offered it to the vendor. The cone cooled off and ice cream was served in that cavity. Customers who tried it went berserk behind the new tasty creation.

Chocolate chip cookies

Invention of: Ruth Graves Field in 1930

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Ruth was famous for her desserts she cooked in her lodge at Massachuttes. One day while making cookies, she ran out of baker’s chocolate so she substituted the missing ingredient by mixing semi-sweet chocolate bar. But the bar did not melt up as Ruth expected. Instead, it turned into small chocolate pieces which were softened with the cookie batter. And that’s how choco-chip cookies were born.


Invention of: Ignacio Anaya in 1943

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Anaya was the head waiter at a restaurant in Mexico. One day in absence of the head chef, Anaya faced 10 hungry women who came by crossing the border. To feed them, Anaya decided to improvise. Hence he took some tostadas (chips), shredded some cheese on it and broiled them. Topped with some jalapenos, he served it to the women folk. The military wives liked the experiment so much that they named it ‘Nachos Special’ (nickname of Anaya) and the rest is history.

Conclusion – Keep experimenting, maybe success is just some accidental inventions away.



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