Who isn’t dependent on food? In fact, our health and energy levels are results of our eating and drinking habits. Moreover, you consume a variety of food dishes every day, but you should equally focus on your eating habits. Habits which are fairly easy to practice and lead to healthy results. So here are some –

Drink lots and lots of water

Our body constitutes 70% of water content. Yet we need to refill ourselves at regular intervals for maximum performance. If you are studying or working, make sure to consume at least 10-13 glasses (close to 3 liters) of water per day. Emptying water bottles will not only help energize your body but also reduces stress and promotes weight loss. And the benefits don’t end here.


Cook more at home

Rather than ordering a dry half-baked pizza, why not create your own toppings and savor it to the fullest? Okay, am not saying to completely give up outside food, but try improving your hand at home cooking. It’s way healthier and you know what you are eating. Get inspired by online cooking videos and who knows, you might discover your hidden culinary talent.


Incorporate more vegetables

Many research link high intake of fruits and vegetables with low risk of heart-related diseases. Try eating food loaded with vegetables. This includes the likes of salads and dressings. Also, include bigger pieces of vegetables and make your food chewier which helps in easy digestion. Same goes for fruits which should not be consumed after 4 pm. Go for natural fruit juices than plain sugary drinks

Never skip your breakfast

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Being the first meal of your day, pay special attention to having a rich breakfast. Especially look to hog onto berries, nuts, cereal meals, and yogurt before you step out for the day.


Stop avoiding fats

Usually, many think eating fats make you fatter. But it’s a myth as there is a difference between good and bad fats. The fat in a cheeseburger is not the same you find one in peanut butter. Hence fats are equally vital for your survival. Rather than avoiding, consume more of them in food items like nuts, olive oil, dairy products, etc.


Well, there are more to go, but the ones listed above aren’t a bad idea to start with. Happy Eating!



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