Who doesn’t wants to be healthy? Any age any time, we love to call ourselves healthy and hearing a compliment has never demotivated us. But in this generation of competitions, who has enough time to maintain oneself with beautician appointments and waste enough money and time. This era has enough of pollution that helps in degradation of beauty and maintaining poor health. Thus, yoga helps.

Traditional practice ‘yoga’ has never been out of trends. Being fit, healthy and beautiful is always appreciated. “YOGA”, a routine practiced for healthy mind, body, and soul. YOGA has its origin from India. It has been described as union and discipline. Yoga connects mind and body to nature and avails us of the benefits of nature. It is associated with peace, especially needed for the people of this generation. Yoga is a language that commands our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual thoughts. Yoga needs no payments but pays us health, beauty, and peace. It fulfills various needs of the body in various aspects. It should be a habit in this very generation of stress and anxiety.

Strength, agility, and flexibility

man stretching international yoga day

Would you love to face any difficult situation with ease? Nobody in the room answers a ‘no’. Strength against disease is very much important. Yoga provides this strength by killing laziness and maintaining your body. 1000’s of poses designed just to improve immunity and strength. When you stretch your body for yoga, automatically flexibility builds in your body.

Memory enhancement

gyan mudra

A beauty with a brain is always appreciated than just a brain or beauty alone. It may feel strange that how an exercise helps with memory? Because Yoga involves meditation and that improves concentration thus builds sharper memory.

Weight gain and weight loss

weight loss due to yoga

The first question coming to your mind would be how could a single practice help in gaining and losing the weight? Well because there are many different categories of yoga that makes weight loss and weight gain as two special and separate fields. Great results are achieved when it comes to maintaining the body weight. The market today has numerous products that help in gaining and losing weight. They demand a lot of compromises. Yoga never charges any compromise or penny. But it pays you a new life.



man doing yoga on mountain

Yes, amazing benefits of yoga include pain-killing strategy. It helps in relieving stress and pressure hence it kicks out the pain and leaves you with a happy feeling. You need not rely on tablets capsules and typical medicines that may create a side effect, but just yoga per day keeps pains away.

Blood pressure and heart benefits

The study shows that around the age of 40 or after, people get affected by blood pressure and heart-related problems. But study proves that without medicine, a human can get rid of these problems by just simply availing the benefits of yoga. This also includes eradication of various diets due to these problems.

Glowing healthy skin

happy man

Mental peace and glowing skin are directly related to each other. Meditation helps improving mental peace and thus, skin glows. This also lets your skin breath which helps your skin to generate new cells more frequently. This prevents wrinkles.

Healthy hair growth

healthy hair due to yoga

Many of exercises include the head in an upside down position which improves blood circulation towards head and skull. This increases the chances of your hair growth and gives birth and strength to roots and tips of your hair.

Better sleep

good sleep yoga

Sleep is an important routine that benefits both beauty and health to grow. Many people struggle with insomnia due to a stressful life. Yoga helps them all.

Say goodbye to diabetics

Is it harming your sweet tooth? Do let yoga do you a favor. Yoga study proves that people with type 2 diabetes get helped by yoga practice for just twice a week for three months. As a result, the risk is reduced.

Increase in self-esteem

self esteem by yoga

In the world full of manipulation and consumption we live in, teenagers especially fall victim to low self-esteem. Yoga helps them all. It betters the brain development and healthier physique and a better spiritual life.


Yoga has been the greatest gift to human from nature. International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st of June. Awareness about this art is being spread like fire. It has been a compulsion for schools to adopted “yoga” as a part of the prayer to reduce the stress due to studies among students. It has provided us inner peace and discipline which is necessary for achieving success. Yoga is irrespective of caste, age, religion, race, etc. It has achieved success over countless ailments. It is the most important medium of concentration activities for Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Yoga has been A BOON to stages of Buddhism especially the final stage “nirvana”. Nirvana basically means an individual away from every single problem and with inner and outer peace. Yoga is the 8th wonder of this world.


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