A terrible job interview – the one (and only) thing that holds the capability of wrecking your content and positivity about a likely-to-get job. We all have had one such interview, where we have ended up in some really uncanny situation with us being left too embarrassed to even apologize, or too mindless to even understand what is going on around. Maybe that panicky state while sitting in front of a smart-mouthed interviewer might have caused you blab out answers or make some moves that are actually “not so smart”. Or perhaps the interviewer would have been a quite good deal more informal than just asking about your interests and hobbies. Or perchance you just had a bad start to the whole day. Well, whatever may be the grounds, it is important to take note of the experiences. And not just from our own selves’, but from others’ as well. Here the worst job interview experiences, 7 people share.

1. The one where you are the odd one out of all.

Went to dinner with a potential firm and like 6 classmates. I’m sitting to the right of the hiring partner. Generally, you take your cue on whether to drink from the senior people at the table. So, the partner was very soft spoken, but I heard him say, “let’s get some drinks!” He then ordered something quietly. I order a glass of wine. Everyone else got water. The partner actually ordered water. I was the only one who ordered a drink. It was so painful. I eventually got the waiter to take it away, but the damage was done. I felt so awkward for the rest of the night.

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2. The one where the interviewer is herself confused about the interview.

I was jobless for about 3 months.  Posted my resume online on a few sites like you do. 
This lady calls me one day out of the blue.  Saw my resume.  Asked for an impromptu phone interview. 
Then proceeds to tell me I’m not qualified for the position and she doesn’t think my work experience will transfer over well to her office.  Also that I couldn’t handle the stress of working there? Which, lol.  
Anyway, let me be clear, *she called me, for a job I didn’t apply for, and then rejected me on the phone, acting like I wasted her time and not the other way around*
The most wtf moment I was looking for a job.
Edit: forgot the part where she asked me what I knew about her company, then was disappointed when it was nothing.

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3. The one where you try to be the “smartass”.

I did research on the guy interviewing me, as suggested. And while we were talking, I accidentally switched the school, he did his undergrad at with where he did grad school.
So, I said, “I see you went to x for your undergrad and then completed your graduate degree at y?”
And he goes “no, actually the reverse. Y was the undergrad, x was grad.”
And my dumbass impulsively goes “wait, are you sure?”
“Yup, pretty sure”

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4. The one where the “favorites” screwed up the thing.

I was asked which animal I loved the most and answered sloth. I originally said it because they’re adorable but then I realized how they could have interpreted this as me being lazy… I didn’t get the job.

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5. The one where the interviewer is not interested to interview you, forget about hiring.

The blue and yellow “tech” retailer with a Nerd Posse. The guy interviewing me was extremely unprofessional and rude, didn’t have a pen (I loaned him mine) and asked questions that had nothing at all to do with the job. I knew I wasn’t going to get it since every time I answered a question, he’d snort and say, “… Okay” like he didn’t want to be there, so I just started getting very blunt with my answers. That day was a perfectly good waste of time, energy, and makeup. Fuck that interviewer.

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6. The one where something is fishy with the interviewer, really fishy.

At the end of the interview, the interviewer said I wasn’t right for the job and immediately followed that saying “Since it’s 5:15pm, can I take you out for a drink?”  
I declined. I haven’t been that pissed in a very long time.

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7. The one where super good luck got your back.

Thought my interviewer was going in for a hug, I went for the hug, he didn’t hug back because DUH he was definitely NOT going to do that in an interview. Still got the job though!

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Had any weird interviews lately? Let us know in the comments below.


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