Consider yourself lucky to not be a part of this nation. Yes, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), or North Korea is hands down the world’s strangest and most mysterious place.

Believe it or not, though North Korea is capturing the world attention by nuclear tests. Yet very little is known about the life in Kim Jong Un’s land which is loaded with the mystery all over.

So here are some insane facts about North Korea which are bound to give you goosebumps.

It is not the year 2017, but 106 in NK


Unlike the usual Gregorian calendars, the North-Koreans follow the Juche calendar. It is calculated according to the birth of their founder King Il-Sung. His birth year 1912 is considered Juche 1 and hence it’s not 2016, but Juche 106.

Pleasure Squad


Kippmujjo or the ‘Pleasure Brigade’ is a group of 2000 virgin girls maintained by the North Korean authority. These girls are recruited to offer pleasure services including sexual comfort to the top officials and their guests.

Only 15 types of haircut allowed


Equality is certainly followed in North Korea but in a distinct manner. Such that men and women, each have 15 state-approved haircut styles to choose from. And forget about dyeing them!

Ryugyong Hotel – World’s largest yet no occupants


Ryugyong Hotel is a 105 stories structure in the capital city of Pyongyang. However, it’s just a show piece which is incomplete even after 30 years of construction. Hence, till date its 3000 rooms remain empty, making it the world’s largest unoccupied space.

Blue Jeans is prohibited


The North Korean government has banned its citizens from wearing blue jeans or playing western music as it symbolizes their enemy United States of America.

Restricted Movement

North Korea

People need permits to move even within the country. Another fact is that private vehicles are a dream for many as there is less than one car per 1000 people. Consequently, streets have no traffic.

You are punished equally for your Grandfather’s crime


NK follows a ‘three generation punishment’. This means your future generations are equally responsible for the offense committed by you. As a result, serious offenses like criticizing the government or practicing religion invite death or life imprisonment to your entire family.

The mother of irony – Democracy in North Korea


Like any other democratic countries, NK also has general elections. But there is a twist. That only one candidate (party) to be elected. Voting is compulsory and who wish to vote against it can’t remain anonymous. Result? Usually 100% turnout.

The Internet is almost non-existent

Source: www.motherboard,

North Koreans are truly isolated from the 21st-century world. Such that the government has made sure that Internet access is limited to only 605 users (0.0% of the population). And the only internet network called Kwangmyong is totally under government control.


In conclusion, if you ever plan to visit North Korea out of excitement, TRAVEL AT YOUR OWN RISK! Because there are even do’s and don’ts for tourists.


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