Just Started Reading? 10 Books Just For You!

Have you just stepped into the world of reading? Is it being tough to push yourself to sit with a novel for hours? Are you unable to find any intriguing book that keeps you on the verge? Is turning pages being quite boring? If no book seems as interesting to you as your favorite web series and you really want to get hold of the new hobby called “reading” to improve your vocabulary, then this article is for you.

Being a newbie to the world of novels, be it fantasy book, romance novel or fiction books; you would be amazed to know that books can be the best friends that you own! They neither have any expectations nor complaints. Your dates with books over a cup of strongly brewed coffee or a fresh cheesecake can turn out to be the most amazing if you started to fall in love with them.

So here, we bring to you 10 best books of all the time that would sure captivate you and make you fall head over heels again and again.

1.THE GIVER- By Lois Lowry:

If you are at the beginner’s level and want to read a book that is simple enough to grab your attention as well as improve your language then ‘The Giver’ is the ideal book. The author uses quite short sentences and absolutely simple grammar in the novel, that is not only quite understandable but very attention gripping too.

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The book is basically about a young boy named Jonas and the community he lives in- where choice, individuality, and freedom do not exist.

2. ANIMAL FARM -By George Orwell:

This novel has extremely simple usage of words and short sentences. Orwell is really prolific at engaging its readers with a ” less is more” approach and this is appealing to all age groups.

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Well, this novel speaks of how, a group of animals rebelling against the human masters. Basically its a satire on Stalin Era of Soviet Union. This is a book that would undoubtedly improve your vocabulary and your ability to understand twisted plots and themes.


This is another book in the list that would leave you overwhelmed and knowledgeable abut life. It is a philosophical one that revolves around insightful wisdom delivered in a funny manner.

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When Mitch Albom after quite long reconnects with Morrie Schwartz, his former college professor, he starts learning valuable life lessons and then shares with the readers all of the funny, and philosophical wisdom that Morrie keeps revealing to him in the last months of his life.

I, being an avid reader would definitely recommend you this amazing book that might change your perspective about life.


This is a story which looks at racism from the eyes of two children. This book will make you fall absolutely in love with the extremely relatable and realistic characters.

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If you are an older brother or a younger sister then you would be exclaiming ‘that’s us’ to each and every interaction between Jem and Scout Finch, while the character Atticus would probably earn your love and respect. Even if you aren’t someone who is interested in history, the well-woven  backdrop of the Great Depression would make you restless to dig deeper.

5. SIDDHARTA-By Hermann Hesse:

This is a powerful story about the importance and significance of life experiences as they relate to the approaching to an understanding of reality and attaining enlightenment. 

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It not only teaches you about life but provokes you to think about the path on which you are walking.

6. JONATHAN SEAGULL -By Richard Bach:

The novella deals about a seagull who tries to learn about life and flight, and a about self-perfection.

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If you are the one who finds oneself different from others and has dreams which is criticized by others, then this book would give you the strength to fight for your dreams and be proud of yourself. And even if you’re not this would teach and motivate you to dream big and different.


This inspiring tale provides a step-by-step approach to the process of living with greater courage, abundance, balance and joy.
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An amazingly crafted fable, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari tells the extraordinary story of Julian Mantle, a lawyer who is forced to confront the spiritual crisis of his out-of-balance life.
It not only teaches you about how to live each and every moment of your life, but this bestseller can change your life.


Trust me with this, if I say that this first-hand account of World War II, is so intriguing that it became a bestseller.


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This book is superbly touching, and gripping, as Anne takes you through the little and massive adventures of her life. How the simple life of a teenage girl was affected by the consequences of the war.

9. THE KITE RUNNER-By Khaled Hosseni:

It’s a very serious novel. The one which can rip your heart apart. The author has woven the words so beautifully that it grips you all through and makes you realize the philosophies of life just through a simple tale about a lie.

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This novel is worth reading over a cup of coffee in the misty and rainy weathers.

10. TELL ME YOUR DREAMS -By Sidney Sheldon:

 A newbie reader would definitely want a book that is captivating and keeps one totally hooked. It’s quite understood that one of the biggest challenges for a beginner is actually not to put the book away without finishing it.
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Short, mystery stories would help you in the challenge and that’s why I thought of Sydney Sheldon. This mystery novel like almost every Sydney Sheldon book, is absolutely gripping and full of twists. That is what makes it a bestseller.
So, I hope that these books contribute in making you an avid reader and you find your best friend in these novels.


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