Anger is one such emotion which evokes extreme reactions. Usually not the desirable ones. Because of the irreparable damage, it causes to yourself and your related ones, here are some ways by which you can command over it.

Distract yourself

One of the best remedies to curb your anger is to lay less focus on the incident or person which is the root cause of it. Distract yourself from those negative thoughts by involving yourself in doing some mental activity. Researchers prove that because our brain has limited resources, diverting our attention to other things leaves less or no room for us to dwell on the bad stuff. In short, waste no time in solving some math puzzle or intensive games like Tetris to distract yourself when you are angry.


If distraction doesn’t help, communication is the next best way to reduce your anger and frustration. Don’t vent and burst it out, rather share with someone with whom you are quite emotionally attached. An able person to whom you can speak your heart out and feel relaxed.

Use a pen

An unusual way of controlling your anger involves the power of the pen. If you are too reserved to share your inner feelings, write it down in a diary. Be it the harshest words, terrible writing or explosive emotions, the diary welcomes it all. If you are a little more artistic, scribbles and doodles will do it for you. Unleash the power of frustration through your hands and your anger will limit itself to the sketches in the paper.

Drink a glass of water

If you want to unwind your anger, drinking a glass of water, as simple as that. The link between drinking water and anger reduction is quite strong as it calms down your nerves. Being angry not just increases the stress level but also pumps up the heartbeat and your body demands more fluid. In such a case, drinking cold (not icy cold) water in regular portions with breathing in intervals has a calming effect on your mind and body.

Give it a thought

Anger can be treated through the art of reappraisal. It simply means to assess the situation from various perspectives before you raise your temper. Imagine a person screaming at you to which you want to reciprocate in the same manner. But what if you learn that the person lost his dear one a day before. Perhaps you would give a thought and won’t take any of his comments personally or react back aggressively. As simple as that. ‘It’s not you, but the other person had a bad day’ – is the mantra which can help restricting your anger.

In addition to the above, a healthy routine, better self-control and holding fewer expectations from others are some ways through which you can master over anger and emotional stress.


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