To achieve the pinnacle of success you must work hard, says everyone. But let me tell you that it also requires the cushion of good sleep. Back in your mind, you plan to get good grades or achieve monthly targets. To achieve them you work equally harder but the desired results don’t show up. Reason: Lack of good, uninterrupted and adequate sleep.

According to a renowned research, getting enough quality sleep on right times improves your physical and mental health functions of the body, which boosts the tendency to achieve job success. An average adult human ideally sleeps for minimum six to eight hours, so depending on it, here are some tips for having a good night sleep.

Respect the bedroom arena

Reserve the bedroom only for two things – sleep and sex. Do hell lot of other activities but not in the bedroom. Like, eat your food in the dining room or kitchen only. Similarly, use your phone and other gadgets while being in the living room. The essence and utility of bedroom lie in rest without indulging in wasteful activities.

Relax yourself

Sleeping is no damn business, yet you should make conditions favorable for optimal rest. This involves installing good mattress to sleep on and dark curtains to avoid light. Wear comfy clothes or sleep naked ( the latter one is preferable). Don’t overthink as your mind needs equal rest and you don’t want to get bad dreams either.

Prepare your sleeping quotas

Sleep is that essential tonic which you cannot afford to miss. You came back home at 2 am from late night party on Saturday. So make the most of your Sundays (and or holidays). Rest enough to cover those lost precious hours. Between your hectic work schedules, take some time to doze off by taking power naps (duration of 10-45 minutes).

Avoid these eating habits

Do not stay hungry. Rather go for a light and healthy dinner. Stay away from drinking coffee after 6 pm, as it makes you alert. Furthermore, do not consume soda, alcohol, and spicy fatty foods. Heavy meals taken before bedtime are not easy to digest and hence don’t let you fall asleep.

Finally Introspect

You are the best remedy for yourself. Take note of the problems or interferences which deny you the deserved amount of sleep. Likewise, start keeping a tab on the times you doze off and wake up. At the same time ensure that your sleeping posture is correct. Slowly and steadily you will develop a daily night routine.



Do not compromise on your sleep at any cost. It might be the least productive work on earth but yet needed to do the most productive one.



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