Do you know about things related to sex? I do not think we really know much about it because most of us have not received any education regarding sex. So here are some points that you should know about it.


1. Saliva does not spread HIV.

If you think just by kissing a person will cause you HIV or AIDS then you are wrong.This condition is very rare and very next to impossible. It is seen that by swallowing breast milk or semen from an infected person can be the cause for the transmission of HIV or AIDS and not saliva.It is seen that most of the people with AIDS do not have HIV in their saliva.


2. Erectile dysfunction is treatable.

It is a myth of all time that erectile dysfunction is not treatable. It is treatable indeed. There are many new medications and by using this erectile dysfunction can be treated. First of all, men should make their lifestyle healthy. For making lifestyle healthy, they should check their alcohol intake, diabetes, diet and should follow a healthy exercise regimen.

3.Whether you catch an STD or not has nothing to do with the frequency of the sexual intercourse.

It is not necessary for a person to catch STDs only if he is engaged in sexual intercourse and he can also catch HPV virus even through the skin to skin contact which in the aome case can cause genital warts.

4.Condoms also have expiry dates.

Like any other grocery product, condoms also have expiry dates. therefore always check them before using. You can use one for 3 to 5 years.

5. Sex assists in relieving pain.

Yes, it helps. The body releases a hormone called oxytocin, before and after orgasm. Regarded as natural opiates, these hormones reduce the perception of pain by increasing the pain tolerance threshold. A study by a famed sexologist, Beverly Whipple states that ”When a woman masturbates to orgasm, both the pain tolerance threshold and pain detection threshold increased significantly by 74.6% and 106.7% respectively. Another hormone is endorphin. The effect of this hormone is that they create a positive perception of the environment besides decreasing pain.

6. Sex reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

Sex reduces stress and helps in sleep. Orgasm has a calming effect on people.Intimate sex helps to promote a supportive relationship.Therefore this might help to reduce stress and hence improves the health.

7. Sex reduces the chances of prostate cancer.

Other vital medical researches were carried out to prove the beneficial effects of frequent sexual activities on prostate cancer. A study at the US National Cancer Institute showed how men who ejaculate minimum of five times a week through either sex or masturbation were less likely to get prostate cancer than others.The ejaculations help to release tension quieting the central nervous system activity that may lead to abnormal cell division and cancer growth in the prostate.

These were some points to keep in mind while any sexual intercourse. There is much more information regarding this topic. Never stop knowing new things. Keep growing, stay healthy and stay stress-free.

Cheers to life!


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