Happiness, sadness, euphoria, just like this anger is one of those emotions, Anger is something that everyone faces at a point in time in their life. A particular time of frustration leads to the development of anger inside a person. So, first of all, it’s never bad to be tempered or angered, it gets worse when you don’t know how to control it or let it out. As a normal human being, it’s very casual to have anger, everyone has a different way to let out or portray the anger inside them. If you’re one of those who wants to control their anger and don’t know how then this article is definitely for you.

1. Write Before You React

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It’s an era of fast reactions, for example, if someone catches a fever it’s not fever but a story on social media! In this era of fast reactions its normal that you react to every single situation impulsively, what you can do to control that gets into writing, writing your daily routine in a diary, maintaining a diary can help you with controlling yourself from reacting impulsively. If you’re too lazy to write you can even make notes on your mobile phone the motive is to make yourself realize how your impulsive reactions, impulsive decisions are affecting your own life. When you’ll go back and look through your daily routine and hassles you’ll probably realize how impulsive those decisions were and you’ll initially motivate yourself to take a control over it.

2. Meditation for your frustration.

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You’ve probably been told this before, “start to meditate it relieves your stress” which actually is true you might even find it idiotic or a waste of time and might ignore what they say to you, but yes meditation can help to release your stress, get a control over yourself as well as manage your anger. When you meditate for like 10 minutes or so, your mind is not thinking of anything else, your mind gets a rest for that part of time and you will definitely feel a lot better after you meditate, once meditation gets into your routine you’ll definitely realize how good it’s for your health and your anger as well. Meditation helps in having a settled mind and also taking your decisions in a more sophisticated manner.

3. Exercise and maintain a healthy life.

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Exercising at the start or the end of the day can really help in letting the everyday frustration out of you, by exercising you use a lot of your physical energy by which you vent out a lot of energy. Exercising not just helps you in controlling your anger but also helps in managing your body weight, controlling your blood pressure. It will help you in staying fit and as well as manage and control your anger.

4. Sleep to sweep the anger away.

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Sleep deprivation can often lead to building up of a lot of frustration, these days people are into the usage of mobile phones in the night, which is again not suitable for your health and can lead to further problems. A six to eight-hour sleep is very necessary for a normal human being. When you sleep less you give your body a lot less time to re-energize when you’re already tired out from your routine what you need to get is sleep, and when you will not complete your body’s requirements it’s quite natural to build up a frustration level at the start of the day itself.

5. Laugh every day to kick the anger out of your way.

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One of the best ways to control anger is to develop a sense of humor within you, when you develop a sense of humor you can actually throw your anger out on people’s face through sarcasm which will ease your frustration and as well as won’t get people offended you. Laughing is the best medicine for controlling your anger when you laugh your way out of some situation it actually relaxes your brain which in turn will help you to deal with your anger.

So, here are 5 tips or ways in which you can help yourself to control your anger.


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