Everything is changing. New technologies, new ideas, new people. In fact, the world seems to be on a new normal. So why take the conventional route and a regular job?

Here are some unique jobs and opportunities which are unknown to many. And guess what’s the best part? That you can enjoy doing it while minting millions out of it.

#1 Color consultant

A color expert offers advice on how and which colors can be used right from designing interiors to a company logo.

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Source: greenwood.com

Furthermore, the color expert studies the color psychology, theories, and demographics related to it in order to suit the best color trends. Also, the IACC (Color Association Body) offers several courses and memberships for the same.

#2 Game Tester

Yes, it’s true. You are paid to play video games and their software. But at the same time, your job involves finding the bugs in the game and reporting them to improve user engagement.

Source: themanieuws.com

Gaming publishers actively hunt for people who carry a great deal of computer knowledge with them. So if you play games close to 20 hours or more in a week, why not take up such tester jobs.

#3 Cyber Spy

While the word ‘hacker’ is misconstrued as a cyber thief, there are jobs which entail ‘ethical hacking’. Right from saving a company software from real hackers to guarding a country against electronic attacks, cyber spies are one of the most sought after people in recent times.

Source: icewebfilter.com

You get paid for hacking websites servers and reporting the security loopholes to the owners. And if you are interested in being a cyber spy, there are various freelancing institutions present online.

#4 Social Media Chef

One of the most pleasing of the lot is to become a social media chef. You cook as you always do. But the only difference is that you present your culinary skills through an online video.

Source: starmedia.com

It may include various instructions and tips on how to cook. And don’t ask about the benefits. You get to eat good food, build followers, be famous and mint money off your passion.

#5 Reviewer

People hesitate to experiment unless there are reviews and opinions about the product or service. And hence review sites like Tripadvisor and Yelp look to hire genuine and unbiased people who can try out things and sum their experience in authentic reviews.

Source: khweza.com

Amongst the regular jobs available, this one is quite interesting because almost every industry demands the need for reviews and opinions. So choose your forte and start being critical of it.



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