ANXIETY- This four syllable word. Doesn’t sound that horrifying and scary, does it?

It’s so easy for you to say that ‘Everything will be okay soon, it’s all in your head.’ TRIGGER WARNING : DON’T EVER SAY THAT TO SOMEONE WHO HAS ANXIETY. 
Imagine living with that anxiety? Waking up and having a battle with your mind constantly, struggling to have a social life, overthinking every situation, doubting every single soul in your life.

Well, that’s not even close to how it feels, living with anxiety. It’s traumatizing  and affects your mental health drastically. Sometimes, you make it through the day with only speaking a few words, sometimes, none. Sometimes you’re hyper active and sometimes, you’re exhausted. If you have compulsive anxiety and you’re reading this right now, remember that you will get through this and you’re not alone. Here are five coping tips that might help you when you need to ease those nerves and nothing works.

1. Notice all the tiniest details about nature that around you, that you love and just take it all in.

The smell of fresh soil after rain, the sound of birds chirping, a baby laughing, shapes of different rocks, a flower blooming, the color of the sky, the wind across your face, the serenity of the sea , the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans, the lines on your skin, notice the color of your body, how refined it is, notice your palms, how soft they are and the things they can do, run your hand through your hair and feel it, notice how beautiful you are in spite of all the imperfections that prevail, notice anything that you love carefully and instantly, that will help you feel a sensation of calmness.


2. Write

You don’t have to be a writer to do this. There are times when you can’t express yourself verbally, to anyone or even yourself sometimes. At this point, writing helps. Just write down everything you may feel. It maybe just a sentence to start with, but you’re letting it out and that makes it lighter for you. The book or wherever you write carries that burden for you. You can analyse what really bothers you when you write your emotions and feelings. Even if it’s scribbling, doodling or any kind of art, put it down on paper and you will feel light and airy.

3. Solve a problem for a fellow mate

This might seem like a big task, but it really isn’t. Your friend or family member is struggling with an emotional problem. Listen to them and everything they have to say. After you’ve heard everything, provide your input and give a solution that sounds suitable for them. In this case, you’re not venting out your worries and anxieties but listening to someone else’s and it’s known to be a wonderful coping strategy. It gives you the hope that you will find a solution too. You become aware that people around you have problems too and you’re not alone in this black hole called anxiety.


4. Find an activity

Love reading? Composing a song? Solving math problems? Cooking? Wherever you find your muse, go ahead and do it. Even if it’s binge watching a show or playing a board game, if you love it, make time for it. Not daily, but set a weekly goal that maybe this week, you’ll try a new thing. Explore new ideas. And mainly, focus on yourself. If you want to do it, let no one stop you. On the days that are devastating and you feel you can’t make it through, just remember one of these things and you might feel better. Sometimes, the small things that you love will push you forward to stay and overcome this floating anxiety. It might not be permanent, but it will provide the temporary relief  and content that you need.

5. Pamper Yourself

Isn’t this the most obvious? You are going through a struggle that no one really understands and even if they do, it’s your battle. You have to make yourself a prior commitment here, that no matter what, you will take care of yourself first. Whether it’s emotional needs, physical, mental, any kind; you come first. I know you might care about other people, but there’s a conflict within you that needs to be solved first. Listen to your heart, give it everything it needs. Splurge on yourself, eat your favorite food this weekend, grab your favorite music album, buy tickets to a good movie, get that outfit you want, go live your life. If it’s not about the materialistic things, do small things you love then. Browse those memes, look at the latest trends, watch that amazing sitcom, spend time with someone you miss, cook a meal for your family. But in the end, love and appreciate yourself as long as you are dealing with your anxiety. Anxiety might trick you that you’re not worthy of it all, but you can overcome this, with the help of the huge entourage of your friends and family, and yourself of course.



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