Another day, another presentation and a similar set of poker face audience (sigh). A usual scenario you cannot ignore, for the fact that presentations are so imperative in the corporate arena. So here are 5 simple presentation hacks which will surely better your skill and outcome.

Planning is the key

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. Hammer this statement until you learn to prepare a skeleton of your upcoming presentation, well in advance. A blueprint that includes all those aspects which need to be stressed upon right from your introduction, to focus points interlaced with examples eventually leading to a fine conclusion. This ensures you don’t freak out on D-day and waste those precious minutes of your audience.

Aesthetics matter

Make a powerpoint keeping in mind the interests of the viewers and not just you. Usually, presentations which hold the recipient’s interest and engagement, ought to be aesthetically appealing. It’s not about your content but more so the style and panache with which you present it. Give enough attention to the slide design, text alignment, color scheme, background, etc of your presentation that it evokes visual interest.


The use of image and graphics in presentations is quite debatable, as some find it distracting while some support it to rescue people from information overload. However, it is fair enough to add a couple of them if they support and give further insight into the supportive information. Since we are on the topic, if using Microsoft Powerpoint, don’t use clipart images, since there are better options available.

Engage with audience

A presentation is much more than mere elocution or monolog. It requires an even participation from both, the audience and of course the speaker. Establish an eye contact with your listeners to evoke attention. Some light-hearted moments or short stories can help you garner more attention. Finally, post questions in the audience to know what they perceive of a given topic from your presentation.

The last impression

Needless to say, you have to be as good as your presentation. Be it your attire or body language, all are vital in this process of persuasion. Your voice should exude confidence and credibility equal to that of facts in your slides. Leave no stone unturned in making convincing arguments and create the desired opinion. Follow these and be assured to see your presentations conclude with a string of applause.



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