A good resume and an equally confident interview landed you to your dream job. After days of toil and hard work, things go smooth, but what next? You want to gain appreciation and recognition for your efforts. You often develop a competitive spirit to outperform your peers. Moreover, you want to be favorite of all. However tough it may seem, IT IS NOT. If you can inculcate these 5 habits, you ought to be the next most preferred employee in your work arena.


Every job offered to you is bounded by certain goals, objectives, and timelines. An employee should place primary importance to planning and scheduling. Set daily agendas and ‘To-do’ lists to ensure that you leave no task uncounted for. Develop weekly planners to distribute your tasks with realizable deadlines. Adopt a practice of self-benchmarking where you weigh your current performance with previous ones in an equal time span. A continual follow-up of such activities will put you ahead of others who otherwise grapple with punctuality issues.


You work for any organization at any position, to collaborate is the new 21st-century learner skill which you need to cultivate. One cannot be popular being limited to their cubicle. If opportunity permits, take up work which necessitates the involvement of other employee members. Team projects, group discussions, brainstorming sessions help you engage and solve issues which involve interest of others as well. This ensures you develop good formal as well as informal relations, imperative for personal growth.


‘It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice’. This John Templeton quote holds true relevance in our lives too. An ideal employee needs to have a clear and positive head. Right from a small gesture of greeting to the undertaking of a risk-bearing project, it’s your character and attitude which is tested during such situations. You don’t need to make gigantic leaps in a day. Start off your day, greeting all with a smile, and you will feel the difference.


Common it may seem, yet many fail to ingrain the essential habit of reading and research. At any stage of your career, you should never let other leisure take a toll over your reading habits. You might be an ace in your field, but sometimes during problem-solving, your seniors expect a holistic and well-rounded opinion from you. This is where most of us hit the roadblock. Hence regardless of your liking towards a subject, keep a tab on latest happenings across the globe, which will make you a knowledgeable and critically aware as an employee.


Last but not the least are work ethics. The likes of professionalism, accountability, dedication and delivering quality are some of the vital work ethics which are expected from you. A you who has it in him to be a role model for others. Pay attention to the minutest details like how well do you dress up or how often do you acknowledge and appreciate others. Because in the end, it is these small things in which your strength lies.




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