People are getting mad at Ramp contest these days. Girls and boys both want to become models and think it is easy. Let me clear you this. If you think giving poses in the family picture or with friends can help you out then you are absolutely wrong. Even if you give best poses in your group then also you cannot beat the top models. You need training for it and I bet you will find a great difference in yourself within 10 to 15 days.

Here I am going to give you some tips that you must follow before going into any Ramp contest.

1.Decide correct dress.

Deciding correct dress is one of the major consent at which we all get confused at some time, I always.Ethnic and western dresses need different looks and expressions. Choose the dress in which you can give your best expressions and feel confident.

2.Keep a smile.

Always keep a smile on your face. Half of the battle you will win over there only when you will impress the judges by your smile. A smile can win many hearts. So keep smiling.

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What I have noticed is young girls are very expressionless these days and do not even smile when they do the walk. People, I must tell you that the attitude has its own place but a smile and expressions can make you win.

4.Be confident.

Confidence is the key to success in every field. A person who has confidence can beat a person who has good looks. A confident body and a confident mind are always needed is Modelling. Looks matter but confidence is mandatory. A person with looks but without confidence will not be even able to go on the ramp. It can make a huge difference.


Always remember that your poses should be poised. Straight body, one hand on your waist, walk with confidence by moving your waist, a smile on your face and expressions with your eyes can beat all the freshers and even some old ones.Remember the walk should be in a straight line and poses should be accurate.

6.Beauty with brains.

If you think that only your body and poses will be seen then you are wrong.In many fashion pageants, IQ questions are being asked and most of the people fail over there because of lack of confidence and knowledge. Be prepared and be fluent in your language. Whatever you want to speak, just speak without any hesitation.

7. Team work.

Of course in every competition team work is necessary. In these contests, you will be asked to pose in a group and then you got to work on it. So be polite and humble to everyone. Remember your smile can do wonders.

I will brief you more about Ramp walk in my next article. I have personal experience on this so I can tell you a lot. You can also ask me anything if you want to. The key is smile and confidence.Be logistic and straight forward but humble and calm. In this way, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Hopefully, you will learn something from this article.

Keep smiling and be confident but not over confident.

Cheers to life!


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