1. In my last post I told you about the things to remember during the ramp contest and promised you to tell you further about the things to keep in mind. So in this article I will be telling you more about the Ramp contests and the reality of them.

Here we go!

1. IQ Ramp contest.

Some contests are IQ based too. In these type of contests you have to introduce yourself and answer some questions to win the contest.

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2. What type of introduction it should be?

Your introduction part should be short and crisp that can impress the judges in one go. It should not contain unnecessary things and should be point to point.The content should be impressive and must contain thoughts and social cause.

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3.How to prepare introduction?

You should try to prepare the introduction on your own. Try to write it in your own words. Your introduction should not bore the audience and the judges.

4.Practice makes a man perfect.

After preparing the script for your introduction you should once consult it to the perfectionist and then learn it. Practice it in front of the mirror for several times because this will for sure increase your confidence level. Confidence is must because on the ramp, in front of judges and celebrities anyone can get nervous. So practice it as many times as you can.

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5.Never trust your co-contestants.

What I have realized is never listen to your co-contestants.The will misguide you and tell you to change your things but you must not change.You can listen to them but never trust them and imply their things on you.

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6.No one is your friend.

Ofcourse everyone is there to win. They will try to pull your leg but you should be strong enough to know that.No one is your friend over there. You can talk to them, joke with them but never forget that they are your competitors. And you will not even get to know when they will reach on top and drag you at the bottom.So beware.

7. Partiality.

In these type of contests, where training is given sometimes, partiality might happen. So remember to be polite and calm to everyone you interact with. Never put yourself in any bad situation because it might cost you big.


8. Signing the agreements.

Always and always remember to read the agreements and documents before signing. You must know what you are going to do and what do they require from you. Do not trust blindly on anyone and be attentive.

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So people out there, craving to get into this industry, be focused, calm, poised, attentive and use your brains.You will get many chances to go into the field you want but it depends upon you how you utilize your chance. Never ever let any opportunity get out of your hand. Grab every opportunity but be on a safer side. This industry also has a bad side. So be protective and enjoy whatever you do.

Stay happy, healthy and lead to a beautiful life.

Cheers to life!


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