Fashion does not mean you follow someone. It means creating a trend which persuades others to follow you.

Being an alpha male is not everyone’s cup of tea, but at least you can avoid committing the following 8 fashion mistakes.

Warped and dirty shoes

‘A man is judged by his shoes’. This phrase will never go out of fashion, so better maintain your shoes in the first place. A stylish man will always keep his shoes free from scratch and dirt.

Hence, you can use two pairs of same shoes to avoid it from stretching. Moreover using a shoe tree can help maintain the shape of your shoes.


Poor sense of color combination

Wearing too many colors may help you win a fancy dress prize but not a girl’s liking. So avoid being a cartoon and focus on the colors you wear. The shades of your clothes should match your skin tone.

For example, if you have a darker skin, wear dark colors which match the undertone. Otherwise, those having fairer complexion should prefer lighter shades and cool pastel colors.


Fitting matters everywhere

Stop wearing over sized baggy clothes as they hold a loose impression. Instead, check them off your rack and hunt for clothes that fit you well.

Make a tailor your best friend and let him alter your clothes to the finest measurement.


Wrong socks with the suit

A common fashion mistake done by many is that wearing wrong socks with the suit. Always match the color of socks with that of your pants and no shoes. The rule can be amended obviously but should be fine for formal occasions.


Excess Perfume

Depending on the strength of your perfume, use it with caution. If your clothes loose its scent, reapply in a limited amount. And to be on a safer side, use the two spray rule – one on the neck and the other on the wrist.


Oversized branding

Wearing branded clothes can be a show off for many. But wearing them all over your body may lead to more chances of you being a marketing guy for the brand. So avoid wearing big logo t-shirts unless you are getting paid for it.


Ties need equal focus

Wearing ties on casual occasions is the new fashion. However, if you are wearing it as part of an informal outfit, go for a slimmer one. And keep the wider ones for office use.


Grooming facial hair

Your face is the first thing people notice about and hence leave no stone unturned to look appealing. Groom your facial hair in a well-ordered manner. Either you go clean shave or keep your beard trimmed. Avoid having hair underneath your chin or neck area.



Look the best. Be the best. And Leave the rest.


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