When was the last time an unknown guy texted you on social media? Well, no one maintains the count hah. People texting you out of nowhere, saying that they saw you somewhere else – is a quondam practice and more oft than not goes unnoticed, until now. Only when we were getting over those sneaky Facebook “request message” section, we got hit by this. Say hello to the latest digital stalking tactic in the dating world — Tindstagramming. It’s weird, it’s cringe-worthy, it’s bothersome.

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What’s the “Tindstagramming” story all about?

The term “Tindstagramming” was coined by the New York Magazine, lately. It is outlined as– the act of sneaking into someone’s Instagram direct messages, after facing failure in getting “right-swiped” with them on Tinder. Essentially, the guys who have got rejected on Tinder, try their luck on Instagram with the same soul. Sounds pretty creepy, eh? This new dating trend has taken the dating world by storm. And the ones who are mostly being victimized by this cringe-worthy trend are women, by receiving texts from men on Instagram who just aren’t ready to take the “NO”. Thanks to the typical male ego *sighs*.

Tindstagramming victim texts
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Tindstagrammer’s texts to a victim.

People are now charging it on the 2015 added feature of Tinder, which allowed the users to link their Instagram handles to their Tinder profiles. The general idea behind the update was to give people a prospect of getting more of that “right swipe” and enhance their Tinder game. But the thing turned out into a creepy way of virtual stalking. The Tindstagramming drift is merely killing the concept of the dating app – talking ONLY to those people who have expressed interest in your profile. The thing that Tindstagrammers do not understand is – if someone has not liked you on one platform, perhaps, would not do on other as well. You will simply become terribly awful and a certified creepy-crawly stalker.

Tindstagramming experience shared by the victims.
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Females sharing their tindstagramming experience.

Signs to know if you are playing prey to Tindstagramming.

The Instagram-linking feature being introduced only two years back, the phenomenon is a not-so-new thing. You might have experienced it, either on Instagram or on some other social media, but might not have paid much heed. To make sure you do not put it in the “just brush off” box once more, we have listed some points for you!

1. A shower of texts, seriously.

The Tindstagrammer would constantly send you texts, without a pause. From your face to your puppy’s food, he would look up to everything! Cause hey, anything for being liked!

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2. He does not get the word “NO”.

Even if you tell this to him for like a gazillion times, he simply would not understand! Rejection and the denial kind of words are probably absent in his dictionary.

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3. Sometimes, it’s just pointless.

By the time, he might have inferred that you would not say yes (finally!!). But he would stay on with that damn annoyance game. Cause yeah, irritating people for no reason is fun.

Annoying tindstagramming
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4. He does not give a damn about your privacy.

If you own a public account, then bingo! Make ready for a shower of comments and likes as well. He would like and comment on each and every picture of yours, even the old unattractive ones!

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Tips for taking another chance at love, without heading into Tindstagramming.

1. Interest plays a vital role.

If someone has not swiped right for you, the probable reason is that they either have little or no interest at all. Probably because they did not find anything interesting or similar to you. If they tell you that they do not want to date, but still desire to be friends, okay. It can work out to be a great opportunity as you can wait for the time being and can ask them again. Even after that, if they turn you down for a date and just want to be friends, respect that.

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2. Do not lose your composure.

If someone says no to you or wants some time to think about it, do not say things to them or make them feel guilty. Being mean or using rough words for someone will only make you disrespectful. If you accept the fact with benignity and respect, you might have a second chance. But, if you try to scare them with hurtful and insulting words, it’s going to be harmful to you too.

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3. Learn to accept the rejection and move on.

Many people turn rude and insulting, sometimes violent as well when they are turned down. If they politely tell you to leave, just do it. Do not stick around and consider it to be a second chance, that will merely make you annoying. Accept the denial and walk away.

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