It may so happen sometimes that you blur out words that annoy guys, but you seem to not understand what! People often have a tendency to speak out stuff that is pretty bothersome for others to hear. Stuff that leaves them cold and bitter. But, these random situations arise differently with guys and girls. Yes! not only guys but even girls are troublesome at times.

In this blog, I am going to enlighten you about the things that offend guys to the core and provide you with instant intelligence, before you speak to them.

1. It’s Nothing, I am Fine

Guys get really offended when they hear you say this. They want to know and understand what is it that’s bothering you. Even if you don’t want to talk about it, you should respect the fact that he is at least making an effort. So, next time some guy wants to know what’s making you sad, share with him. This would cheer up both of you.


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2. Does this make me look fat?

This question arises a lose-lose situation for poor guys. As a matter of fact, if a girl asks this question, then she probably knows that it does. But, if a guy says the truth eventually, a verbal lashing would follow. On the other hand, if he happens to say that you look good, then you might doubt that he is lying, even if he isn’t. You might actually look good.


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3. Come On Let Me Do That

Nothing defeats guys more than these sharp words which hit deep into their ego. You might casually want to help him. But, for them, you’re actually demeaning their skills and capabilities. If you have assigned a task to them, then let them do it. If you want it to be done efficiently, but on time, then just mention it, but don’t offer any help.

4. You’re so sweet. How come you don’t have a girlfriend?

“Because you won’t take me.” that’s what comes to his mind first when he hears you. O come on, you can’t annoy him more by saying this. If he isn’t having someone in life, it might be his choice or a tragic situation for him. You don’t need to interfere, to make him feel more miserable.


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5. Hey! what are you thinking about?

No! never ask that to a guy. You need to be intelligent enough to understand that guys never want to share the actual thoughts running in their mind while they sit idle because that might make you judge them.

6. MY Ex Used to Do That too…

Nobody likes to hear how you compare them to your former flame. It’s very irritating. Your ex might have done many things, but if some guy does that now, you do not need to mention the phrase ” Why are you doing that? My Ex used to do that too”.

I hope that my article made communication easier between the genders and now you know what to speak and what not to.




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