First Dates are always special. But, these special occasions often ignite anxiousness even if you are a teenage girl or a chocolate boy, a strong indepedent working woman or a young muscular hunk, if you’re new to it. You might land yourself into a date, which you definitely want to make exciting and wonderful to secure a smooth transition into a an eventful future. So come join the ride of guidelines for a perfect first date:


It is really annoying when you are on your phone. You might be engaged in some important mailing work or chatting to your best friend who is miles away from you. But the person sitting right in front of you, would surely perceive that you aren’t interested in him or her.


Please do not stress about what to wear, and do not overthink about what you really should say. Just go with the flow. Wear something in which you are really confident and can carry yourself with utmost elegance.

If you’re a male, wear a smarty casual formal in which your shape is visible. Well, don’t show off your body, just allure her by your charming gestures. An UK based study revealed that women consider purple and white as the smartest shirt colors.

If you are a female, then choose to dress up in soft pastels to display your femininity. Well, red and black can be excellent choices to show your sexuality.

Dress as per your conformity, but be sure to smell great. Though you shouldn’t douse yourself in perfume, but you must use it quite liberally over your major pulse points like the your cleavage, your neck, your palms and back of your neck.


This is for the ladies who are landing themselves into first date, being hopeful to make it perfect. Make him feel like a man. Let him talk to the waiter and fetch you something or let him move your chair. Of course! you can do it. But just let him pamper you. you don’t need to be a damsel in distress, but try to make him believe that you need him. Guys love it when they get a chance to protect and pamper you. So, just sit back and give him that opportunity.


A dutch study has shown that women feel psychologically less willing to open up in small rooms. So, make sure that the venue has more of open space and high ceilings. Next, try to read her lips and get to know her nature.

If she’s the one who is confident and uses words such as definitely or absolutely, then she is an extrovert. If so is the situation, then take her to a packed restaurant, where she can be around lots of people.

If she uses words such as maybe or perhaps, then she is an introvert person. If so is the case, then take to a quiet and low-crowded place, where she can feel comfortable to open up.


If you want to connect to each other, then it’s very important to open up immediately. Don’t just let him or her speak. You need to put some efforts too. Share your personal details- like how you feel about your parents, bosses and other details about your social life.

Don’t seem to be too concerned and emotionally early for a relationship. It would turn off her as you would look too desperate, says an Israeli study.

Also, a Standford University study showed that women get easily connected to men, when interrupted often to agree with her. This implies that if she is talking sense and you agree to her, then keep interrupting her with ” Yes! that’s so true” or ” Absolutely! i agree with you”. This would make her open up more as women follow the conversational style in which they cut-off each other and tend to connect more when that is mimicked more often.

Also, ladies should show genuine interest in a man’s life. They would be more than just flattered to know that you are interested to know him more.


As per a Journal Of Sex Research, couples who wait at least 3 weeks before having sex for the first time enjoy more stable and satisfying relationships. Though having sex, creates powerful emotional bonds, but new relationships are quite delicate to support the emotional baggage. So, forget sex at your first meet.

It’s good to end a date with the hope of something better, and a goodbye kiss can be a great help. This is the least thing which would make the end perfect. Well, this is an awkward movement for the guy, as a good guy would be really cautious to make the first move. So, everything depends on the girl.

If you are ready to kiss your date, give him a tight hug and as you would be leaving his arms, bring your face really close to that of his and just wait for the beautiful magic to happen. But if you aren’t in a mood to kiss him goodnight, then just turn your face to side of that of his and give your date, a chance to kiss your soft and supple cheek.


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