Every soul has its twin, the one we call a “soul mate”. The one we are destined to fall in love with. It may be the person you just met on the train or the person whom you know since you were a baby. It can be anybody and it can happen anywhere, anytime. But are these mere emotions or more than that?

Researches show that there are four types of love, based on chemical make-ups. They are- Explorer, Director, Builder and Negotiator. Read on to learn more about them.

Explorer or the Dopamine dominated type.

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They’re generally linked with words like spontaneity, adventure and sport. They look for a playmate in the person they love, as their chemical makeup is dopamine dominant. For them, life is one great adventure and they want somebody to join them in it. Referable to the higher levels of dopamine, they are ambitious and motivated. Their key characteristics are impulsiveness, enthusiasm and curiosity. Explorers generally attract to other explorers. But, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. When two explorers come together, they may engage themselves in fierce arguments and end up in messy break ups.

Builders or the serotonin dominant type.

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They’re mostly linked with words like family, honesty, and loyalty. As serotonin is dominant in them, they are hopeful lovers. Builders are relaxed, social and family oriented people. They are extremely responsible and cautious. They are natural network-formers and tend to stick to rules and regulations. Builders schedule things ahead of time and do stuff according to a plan. They normally get pulled to other builders. They often are high school sweethearts and are still together 60 years later.

Director or the testosterone dominant type.

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They usually connect with words like nerdy and challenge. Being testosterone highly dominant in the chemical makeup, they tend to look for wittiness in their mates. They’re logical and have decisive personality. Thus, their decisions are not influenced by emotions. Directors enjoy challenges and are quite focused and daring. They are super independent, so, sometimes they might not even require a partner to complete them. Unlike the explorers and builders, they generally prefer going with the opposite kind. They make a good pair with the opposite. But sometimes, problems may occur as directors are workaholics and may neglect to spend quality time.

Negotiator or the oestrogen dominant type.

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They commonly go with words like kind and sensitive. Their chemical makeup has oestrogen in dominance, that’s why they look for a soul mate in their partner. Because of their vivid imagination, they re the “daydreamer” type out of all the four types as they can connect one idea to another very efficiently and can think in an abstract style, naturally. They rely on their gut feeling and believe their intuitions. Negotiators develop problems in their relationship when they’re stuck on some negative commentary or criticism. This can linger in their minds for a long period of time. Plus, they’re more prone to depression and may become lost into their own selves.

So, what’s your love type?


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