Are you sure that your partner is loyal to you? Can you trust your partner blindly? Do you really think that he never lies? Have you ever thought about these questions? Have these ever struck your mind? Even if no then you should once check on your partner because this will make your bond stronger if he or she is loyal to you and otherwise you will get to know where your relationship actually stands.

Go through these points and test your relationship.

1. Does he try to be fool you?

If your significant other tell you lies for every other small issue or sometimes even for big then you should never trust your partner. The person who can tell you lies for small things then he can break your trust anytime in life. Never trust those who cannot tell you truth.

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2. Face the reality.

Do you always say sorry or make her up even if you have not made any mistake? Does she never accepts her mistake? Then its time to confront the truths. She will never accept her mistake and will always blame you for everything. This might weaken up your relation and at last leave you all lost and heart broken. Its better to face the reality before its too late.

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3. Is she self-centered?

Does she always thinks what is good for her or always think of her needs?Its good to think about self but in a relationship, you also got to think of the other person. Is she involved with too many guys? Does she talks to you whenever she wants something? Does she ignores you ? If you are facing all this then I am sure that your so called companion is just like a puff of air which will disappear when she will get a better person than you.

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4. Respect.

What I feel is, the person who can not respect you, can not love you. Respect is all we need. What will we do of money if we do not have respect from the person we love.Does he ever let his closed ones to insult you? Love has its own place and respect has its own. So people first of all find the person who respects you. And if your partner does not respect you and says you whatever he wants in front of anyone then just move on from that person. Have some self-respect.

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5. Makes you feel alone.

Even after being in a relationship if you feel lonely and find any other person to share your things and he never introduces you to his friends or family in parties and leave you alone to enjoy with his own group then you should not trust him because these type of people can leave you anytime.

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6. Supports you.

Have you ever felt as if you need support from your loved one and he is not willing to listen you. You require support when everyone is against you and you always try to listen those supporting things from your loved one and when this does not happens then you get more hurt. I would like to suggest all the girls and boys out there if your person does not show any interest in your talks or does not supports you then simply move on because this shows that they are not really interested in you and are making fool of you.

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7. You guys check mobiles of each other.

Its okay to have a look at each other mobiles but checking them shows that you do not trust your partner. If you go through their social networking sites and check their comments and messages then I guess you should think about your relationship once again.

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Guys we all go through a certain age where we get attracted and get much involved with them. But you know where you stand in your life and what you actually want to do and where your relationship is going. Just remember that its never too late in life to do something positive. Stop stressing yourself because of your partner who is not trust worthy.Just check him out once and then move on. Its not easy but for your bright future you got to do this because if you cannot trust him/her then you should not go ahead with him in life. It will just spoil your life and you will always be doubting your partner.This will lead you nowhere but in depression only.

Stay positive, stay calm and stay healthy.

Cheers to life!


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